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On some linux systems webrtc fails to link due to not finding XML_* functions from expat


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This is references from libjingle, which uses 'normal' expat (char, not PR_UniChar).
Fails on builders and on Ethan's Ubuntu 11.10, not on Fedora 15x64

Probably a side-effect of the SipCC checkin or maybe Bas's

libjingle tries to use system expat on linux, but instead ends up looking for an internal link symbol.  May be an include-path issue at the heart.
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hack to paper over the external expat problem by building it internal

Note: this patch is not for eventual checkin to mozilla-central; the include issue that causes the base problem should be solved, and this bug kept open until then
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hack to paper over the external expat problem by building it internal

Review of attachment 606739 [details] [diff] [review]:

This fixes the problem where it breaks on Ubuntu64 but succeeds on Fedora15.  Building expat internally reduces risk of build platform variability.  The only downside I see is a marginally longer build time.
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Attachment 606831 [details] [diff] - Partial backout of previous patch - re-enable system expat on Mac
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We really don't want to use the system lib on Mac, but we get collisions with the existing expat. The following patch munges the unmunged symbols on the existing expat so that doesn't happen and then uses the libjingle/third_party expat.
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Fix for this linkage problem

f+ with mods to fold expat back into the main list of libs (and remove the now-spurious comment)
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