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Import WebRTC library into core [tracking bug]


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Tracking bug for all the other bugs to be filed to get WebRTC into the branch
Depends on: 688187
How are we going to track upstream changes once we have a fork checked in?
Depends on: 688847
Blocks: 691234
What is the plan for ensuring the code that we have for this is instrumented well enough that we can do meaningful tests with it?  Is there a test framework already in place and I'm missing the proper bug?  Thanks.
There is an internal test framework in the imported code.  We obviously will need additional testing and test code.  No bug has been created for this yet - thanks for the reminder.  We have been in touch with the QA group by email to give them a heads-up.

Some aspects may be tough to test automatically due to the need for it to interact across a network connection with another instance.
Depends on: 699646
No longer blocks: 691234
Remaining work is mostly removing parts of the imported code, or turning off building of it, and moving test code into appropriate bits.
Assignee: rjesup → nobody
Component: Video/Audio → WebRTC
QA Contact: → webrtc-general
Depends on: 731407
Depends on: 731611
Depends on: 736608
Depends on: 735561
Depends on: 737398
Depends on: 730929
Depends on: 743703
QA Contact: jsmith
Whiteboard: [WebRTC]
Initial import has been done, closing for now. followup bugs should be filed as needed.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: [WebRTC] → [WebRTC], [qa-]
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