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Show new types of bookmarks (separator, livemark, and query) where applicable


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Right now, we only show folder and bookmark types of bookmarks. We should be able to show the other types (separator, livemark, and query) where it makes sense to.
Let's get some UX input on what these should look like...
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Keywords: uiwanted
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Do we still want to do this at some point?
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> Do we still want to do this at some point?

I'm going to tentatively assert yes (unless we eliminate those features from desktop!), but I'm not personally motivated to champion it.

People seem to care an inordinate amount about their separators. Queries are really hard to make meaningful. Livemarks are a touchy subject.
Whiteboard: [mentor=lucasr]
Whiteboard: [mentor=lucasr]
This seems like a bad mentor bug.

At this point, I don't think we should bother with this until we decide (if ever) to do a revamped full-fledged bookmarks UI.
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