Convert filters.xml (Evolution) to msgFilterRules.dat (Thunderbird)



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Evolution's Filter Rules

I use Evolution 2.28.3 on Ubuntu 10.04.4. After have a little bit annoying becauce some multiple / duplicate email, i switched to Earlybird 13.0a2 (alpha / pre-beta version of Thunderbird).

I can switch all of my email, my address book, my calendar, marking of my mail, only one thing can't be switched to Earlybird, filters.xml to msgFilterRules.dat (their's own filter). I can't edit them one by one, because there is contains a lot of filters that are well organized and already foldered in Evolution.

In additions, i attached a sample format of filters.xml and msgFilterRules.dat

I've been looking nowhere, but still have not found anything about it.

Sorry for my bad english, as it's not my native language (i'm from Indonesia)

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Earlybird's Filter Rules


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a year ago
It's slightly off-topic but I created a script that converts Thunderbird message filters to a format understood by Evolution. I would be glad if anyone would add the here asked functionality. Then, the project might have to be renamed. 

It can be found on
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