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Allow crosscompiling for Windows without NSIS


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Windows XP
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From bug 604266 comment 28:

The patch removing --disable-installer broke cross compilation. Ideally, cross compiling installer should be fixed. I've tried playing with that. nsis seems prepared for this. It has POSIX version that produces win32 binaries. Sadly, the Unicode NSIS fork totally broke this ability.

That's why I think the solution is to make it still possible to compile without installer, but limit the code it affects so that it doesn't complicate supported configurations. The attached patch does it by making lack of Unicode NSIS not critical when cross compiling (this way no configure option is needed). Also, instead of using MOZ_INSTALLER, it uses MAKENSISU variable in a few makefile-related places, so that MOZ_INSTALLER can still be removed.

Attaching fixed patch.
Blocks: 604266
Could you attach a "diff -w" too, to ease review?
Keywords: regression
OS: Linux → Windows XP
Hardware: x86_64 → All
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Sure. I usually use git, trying to make the diff as similar to hg as possible, but I'm not sure how to emulate diff -w. The attached patch is produced by |hg diff -w| from plain mercurial repository.

I'm waiting with r? for try results:
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fix v1.0

Succeeded on try
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fix v1.0

Serge is not a Firefox build config peer, redirecting to kyle
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fix v1.0

Redirecting assuming you want this reviewed before May.
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fix v1.0

Review of attachment 609290 [details] [diff] [review]:

This seems fine for now. Kind of unfortunate that you don't have a working makesnsisu for cross-compiling :-/
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Please can you set the target milestone when landing on inbound, along the lines of :-)
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