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Android jobs should allow testing sut_tools and devicemanager changes through the tryserver


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This would allow us to deploy sut_tools and devicemanager changes through the tryserver.

We currently use a tools checkout from the foopies:
python /builds/sut_tools/
python /builds/sut_tools/
python /builds/sut_tools/ ../talos-data/ org.mozilla.fennec

Or fixed revisions:
wget --no-check-certificate
wget --no-check-certificate
wget --no-check-certificate

This could be accomplished through talos.json but not sure if to fit it within

Another separate issue is to move our sut_tools to use the latest versions of devicemanager*py from HG rather than the obsolete versions from the talos repo.

This is not as high priority for the a-team but more for our own releng usage.

Other pieces that we download but I don't yet see value to download through talos.json are:
wget --progress=dot:mega -N
the packages devicemanager*py from the github source (it could easily be switched to m-c):
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Are sut_tools and devicemanager still things? If so, is this still an issue?
I am not sure if sut_tools is still a thing, but devicemanager is.  :gbrown?
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This bug was about that the foopies had a checked out tools repo that would not be updated.
Before, we would once in a while have to update the tools repo on the foopies to deploy an updated version of one of those 3 scripts.

I believe the pandas are in a much better shape and their mozharness scripts check out the latest tools repo, hence, having new files deployed every time (we might not even use them).

In any case, the pandas are currently only running talos (IIUC) and this will be moved to Autophone IIUC so we can drop the pandas completely.
sut_tools is used by the panda (Android 4.0) test jobs, which will be retired soon. afaik, Android emulator tests do not rely on sut_tools in any way.

devicemanager is used by all Android tests, but it is obtained from hg -- all good there.

Sounds like we can close this bug?
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We're now done with panda jobs entirely now.
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