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patch for Thunderbird

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #368758 +++

The pref  editor.quotesPreformatted  was introduced as a "temporary" hack for bug 69638.  It's used in two places:

* nsHTMLEditor::InsertAsPlaintextQuotation()
  if somehow set True, puts reply-quotes inside a <pre> rather than 
  a <span> in the plain-text editor.  No visible effect in the compose window,
  but requires an extra rule in HTML.CSS to colorize the pre[_moz_quote].

* nsPlainTextSerializer::Write()
  if True, may cause a bypass of the "no intelligent wrapping" section of the
  DOM-to-Text conversion of the plain-text editor's buffer into a message,
  thereby preventing quotes from being wrapped -- the same behavior seen when
  the pref is turned off and the quote is contained within a <span>.

The pref is set to False by default; I seriously doubt anyone still uses this for anything.  I gather it was desirable when there was some other, harder-to-deal-with problem in the editor's behavior within a <pre>, but that's obsolete now.  This pref and the code supporting it is all cruft, and should be removed.

xref bug 233705 -- the pref discussed at that bug also "bypasses the 'no intelligent wrapping'" DOM-to-text conversion.
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7 years ago
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This already appears to have landed on comm-central, but I don't see the responsible changeset offhand.
Keywords: checkin-needed
(That or another patch in my massive queue made the same change)

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7 years ago
Yes, it landed on central in bug 610038.
This patch is for aurora, see the patch flags.
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Thanks for the separate bug.
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