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Firefox HTML5 application cache stores videos but is unable to show them


(Core :: Audio/Video: Playback, defect)

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Steps to reproduce:

I have a test HTML-page with HTML5 application manifest and a ogv video ( 15MB ) which is listed in the manifest.

1. When I go to the page video loads and is playable. By checking about:cache?device=offline I can see that video is stored in the application cache (correct byte length is listed).

2. I change Firefox to offline browsing mode and I reload the page. Video is loaded instantly and is playable.

3. I close Firefox (all instances) and disconnect computer from the Internet (by disconnecting RJ45). I open Firefox and I go to the test page.

Manifest (test.appcache)

#rev 1

HTML (index.html)
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" manifest="test.appcache">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Video test</title>
<h1>Video test</h1>
<video controls="controls" height="300" preload="auto" poster="poster.png" width="400">
	<source src="video.ogv" type="video/ogg" />

Actual results:

I get "video playback aborted due to a network error". By checking about:cache?device=offline I can see that the video is still stored in application cache.

Expected results:

Video is loaded instantly and is playable even when disconnected from the internet. By checking about:cache?device=offline I can see that the video is still stored in application cache.
Component: Untriaged → Networking: Cache
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: untriaged → networking.cache
Over to the video folks for a start...
Component: Networking: Cache → Video/Audio
QA Contact: networking.cache →
Another test case:
Three different video formats.  None of them play on Firefox 10, or Firefox Beta (16).  Tested also on Firefox/Android Nightly 2012-09-16 (18.0a1) on a Galaxy Nexus: WebM video appears to work there, but Ogv and MP4 fail to load "Video playback aborted due to a network error" (bug 790950 might be a dependency for MP4 playback from appcache on Android, at least for my hardware).  (I've had problems with WebM video playing offline from appcache in my webapp, but I can't reproduce it with the simple testcase yet.)
Ok, I reproduced the WebM issue and added it to the url in comment 2.  When you add 'preload="auto"' to the <video> tag WebM content fails to load.  It will work when you don't include this attribute, though.  (None of the other formats will work, regardless of the preload attribute.)
Added test to with explicit "preload='none'" flag.  According to padenot on #media, preload defaults to 'auto' on desktop and 'none' on mobile, which would explain why <video> without the preload attribute worked on mobile but not on desktop.
OK, updated the tests again: now I include webm versions with preload='none', preload='metadata', and preload='none'.

Testing desktop by clearing caches, visiting and waiting until the "Downloading" message goes away, then closing firefox, disconnecting from the internet, and restarting firefox.

On desktop (Firefox "beta" = 16.0b2):
 a) ogv video doesn't play
 b) webm with preload='metadata' (the default on desktop) doesn't play; other versions play correctly.
 c) mp4 does't play (expected, desktop version doesn't have an mp4 codec)

On mobile (Firefox/Android nightly, 2012-09-17 roughly):
 a) ogv video doesn't play
 b) webm with preload=none (the default on mobile) works
 c) webm with preload=auto and webm with preload=metadata freeze after playing for 5s
 d) mp4 doesn't play video (but plays audio): this is bug 784329
Ever confirmed: true
Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: Playback
Mass closing do to inactivity.
Feel free to re-open if still needed.
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