[PP]Linux: Flakey startup, menus disappear, resize not working



20 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: mcafee, Assigned: warrensomebody)


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(Whiteboard: [PDT+]have workaround for m7, this is randomly reproduceable and ugly without it,)


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20 years ago
Linux, gtk 1.3 (tip of both mozilla & gtk)

Start up apprunner, you need to resize the window
to get content to show up.  Also, possibly related,
the menubar has disappeared and I can't resize to
content larger than the original size (both horiz.
and vertical resizing look broken).  CC-ing some people
so we can narrow this down.


20 years ago
Target Milestone: M7

Comment 1

20 years ago
Here's what I see on startup:


resizing the window wakes up the content,
but the menubar never shows up.  viewer does
not have this problem.

Comment 2

20 years ago
[akkana says in mozilla.builds:]

With a build pulled Tuesday morning around 10:15am, the first time I
ran apprunner everything worked great, but the second and third times,
I saw all the problems Chris describes.
I don't see this problem when i run apprunner by hand... setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
and MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to dist/bin, but i *do* see this behaviour when i run the
app using mozilla-apprunner.sh


20 years ago
QA Contact: leger → phillip

Comment 4

20 years ago
Updating QA Contact

Comment 5

20 years ago
This problem comes and goes.  Furthermore, it seems to come and go for different
people at the same time (Chris and I both saw it at the same time, then the
problem went away for both of us at the same time).  I'm guessing that maybe
it's related to the netlib-flaky-loading bug (which previously only showed up
with images), 3291.

Comment 6

20 years ago
I now notice that pulling my machine off the network
hangs the rendering process before it gets to the menus,
maybe we're hitting a network problem as Akkana suggests?
The resize event might be "trying again" which is working?

Comment 7

20 years ago
I also saw this bug after I updated and built my tree this morning. I am doing a
clobber build now to see if it is any better.

The flash panel does a sychronous load to grab the flash information. Maybe it
is hanging because that page is not loading properly? Waterson has another bug
on that.

Also, Paul MacQuiddy reported that the bookmarks are not loading properly on any
platform. That may also be holding things up. He said that even the "Manage
Bookmarks" dialog is not working.

Comment 8

20 years ago
It's baaaack.  I cannot track down what is causing
this, it appears to be slightly-random for me.
Timer bug?  Old pentium bug? ;-)
Scratch what i said earlier; rerunning enough times, i eventually reproduce the
naughty behaviour.


20 years ago
Severity: normal → blocker
Priority: P3 → P2
Summary: Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering → [Block] Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering

Comment 10

20 years ago
Raising priority, marking as "stability" blocker.


20 years ago
Summary: [Block] Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering → [PP]Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering

Comment 11

20 years ago
Looks like mail/news is having the same problem:


Not duping this until we know a little more about what's
going on.


20 years ago
Summary: [PP]Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering → [Blocker] [PP]Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering

Comment 12

20 years ago
Sorry, I consider this a blocker.
Resummarizing.  If you feel differently,
please add a comment and mark it so.


20 years ago
Priority: P2 → P1
Summary: [Blocker] [PP]Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering → [PP]Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering

Comment 13

20 years ago
And a P1 to fix please!

Comment 14

20 years ago
This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the sidebar. If I change the
sidebar to be about:blank, the menubar comes up, but the menus are still blank.
Also, the resizing is still messed up.

Comment 15

20 years ago
RE: Linux 6/1 build (1999-06-01-08 m7)
I have seen some problem similiar to this:
Yesterday evening, I sent my mail test account qatest38 several mail messages
with an attached jpeg image. I could view the jpeg image on win_nt 4.0 using the
6/1 seamonkey build, and 6/1 seamonkey build on Mac but I cannot view it on
Linux 6/1 seamonkey build
2. Then I used  the 4.6.1 build, I could view it on solaris 2.51 but I cannot
view it on Linux. All I saw was a broken image icon. I sent several mail with
the attached jpeg. Still could not view it on my linux box.
3. However, this morning, using the same Linux build (6/1) and viewing the same
mail messages on the same Linux box, I could view the jpeg image in each of the
mail messages.  I thought it was my machine problem because Seth said he had no

Comment 16

20 years ago
*** Bug 7478 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***


20 years ago
Assignee: don → chofmann

Comment 17

20 years ago
OK, this problem seems to appear and then disappear for everyone at the same
time.  Two hours ago it was happening consistently, and then an hour ago it
stopped happening consistently.  And now it's back.

I've been in and out of slamm's cube this afternoon with most of the xheads and
it's our best guess that since this starts and stops happening to everyone at
the same time, it is likely some weird network or timing problem.  But we don't
know how to even debug it.

I talked to Warren and he says that Rick Potts might be able to figure it out if
it's actually a netlib problem.

Other than that, I don't know what to do with this bug.  Chris, what should I
do?  Re-assign this to rpotts?

Comment 18

20 years ago
Apprunner runs fine this morning. I am running the same bits I used yesterday
when it was broken.

The menus show up, all the content loads, and even resize works properly.

Comment 19

20 years ago
As of 10:00 it is broken for me with today's builds :-(

Comment 20

20 years ago
Yep, it is broken again. I tried replacing the home page here are my results:

homepage (set in navigator.xul)		results
---------				-------
http://www.mozilla.org/			broken
http://www.uiuc.edu/			works
http://www.yahoo.com/			works
http://photo.net/			works
http://www.cnn.com/			works
bad url					works
not found url on mozilla.org		works
mozilla pages copied to my server	works
unwrapped mozilla.org page		works

So, it seems to have something to do with the way mozilla.org is serving up
wrapped pages.
Slamm, you have manus working when you change the start page?

Comment 22

20 years ago
Yes, menus work when I change the start page. Then, if I go to
http://www.mozilla.org/, the menubar stays, but the menus only come up as tiny
empty boxes.


20 years ago
Summary: [PP]Linux: content needs resize event to trigger rendering → [PP]Linux: Flakey startup, menus disappear, resize not working

Comment 23

20 years ago
Resummarizing.  Yes, changing the home page from
fixes everything.  I also tried other pages
at mozilla.org, no go, this seems to be failing
with mozilla.org pages.

Comment 24

20 years ago
Mozilla.org has long shown a tendency to trigger sporadic sometimes-not-loading
bugs in our code -- see 3291 for more history on that.

Comment 25

20 years ago
I didn't run into this for a couple of days, but I am again today. Same deal:
June07 Linux build started out fine, became broken after a restart. Can't really
use it for testing like this....although resizing does allow a message to draw,
the resizing has to be done for every message, and it still doesn't enable the
mail menus.

Comment 26

20 years ago
Sorry; if I change package/chrome/messenger/content/messagePane.xul to use
another home page, in analogous fashion, the workaround DOES work.


20 years ago
Assignee: chofmann → dp

Comment 27

20 years ago
dp said he would try to contribute some analysis to this...
Messenger has the same problem.

The messenger start page is http://www.mozilla.org/mailnews/prefs-info.html

(see mozilla/dist/bin/chrome/messenger/content/default/shareglue.js)

So on Linux messenger, we get the same bug:  no menus, resizing not working.

If I save prefs-info.html and 7 gifs used by the page to my disk, and change the
start page to
file:/u/sspitzer/chupadocs/7417/mailnews/prefs-info.html, it works, I get menus,
and #7417 doesn't happen to me.

If I use enterprise server 3.6 (on solaris) and set the start page to
http://chupa/sspitzer/7417/mailnews/prefs-info.html  (which is really
/u/sspitzer/chupadocs/7417/mailnews/prefs-info.html) it works.

wild off the wall guesses:

1) netlib problem on linux?

2) perhaps it is an apache / mozilla combination problem.  I've seen this with
slashdot and 4.x on linux.  some times, pages never seems to load.  if the page
never finished loading, would that prevent the menus from showing up?

Comment 29

20 years ago
I'm assuming by "wrapped" pages, you mean the addition of the sidebar and
titlebar.  Maybe it would be possible to experiment with those and find out if
it's one thing in particular that's causing this problem to show up.  Are those
added via SSI, a CGI script, or some other method?  Are there URL's that will
bring the the top bar and side bar separately?
adding sspitzer to the cc list.

Comment 31

20 years ago
Seth: I loaded the mozilla.org pages from my apache server just fine. Is there
any way to trace netlib to see exactly what gets loaded and when?

bryner: Pages get "wrapped" with the title and side menu when you check in
files to the document tree. When you load mozilla.org pages, you are loading
straight html.
I need to get more sleep.

http://www.mozilla.org is Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 running on IRIX.

ignore my apache comments.
bash-2.00# uname -a
SunOS gila.mozilla.org 5.6 Generic_105181-04 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-2

Right about the Enterprise Server part, though.
(thanks leaf, I telneted to mozilla.org not www.mozilla.org)

is being served by Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 on
SunOS chupacabra 5.5.1 Generic_103640-24 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1

so if file:// works and local (fast) web pages work, I'd say its time to debug
netlib and make sure we're getting the whole page from mozilla.org and the
connection is being closed.

Comment 35

20 years ago
Interestingly, this bug doesn't happen when the sidebar is collapsed (the one in
the apprunner browser window, not the fakie side table cell that's built into
mozilla pages).

Try it: when you see this problem in the browser, hit the flippy to collapse the
sidebar.  Quit apprunner (with the windowmanager 'x' since there are no menus).
Start apprunner again.  It comes up with the sidebar collapsed, and loads the
page perfectly well, and displays menus!  Now click on the flippy to bring the
sidebar back; the sidebar doesn't really come back, but it sets internal state
so that if you quit and restart, apprunner starts with the sidebar, and sure
enough, now the bug is back!
Here is how you get a netlib trace:

setenv NSPR_LOG_FILE netlib.log

netlib.log has the log from netlib. Can one of you seeing the bug do that and
add an attachment.

Comment 37

20 years ago
I tried dp's suggested commands, since I'm seeing the bug right now, but it
didn't put a netlib.log into the current directory.  In case it was a path
problem, I tried
setenv NSPR_LOG_FILE /tmp/netlib.log
but that didn't help, it didn't write anything to /tmp/netlib.log either.
I also tried PR_LOG_MODULE and PR_LOG_FILE, still no file.  Any ideas?


20 years ago

setenv NSPR_LOG_FILE netlib.log

Comment 39

20 years ago
I tried the corrected Netlib logging instructions and all I got was a 0-length
netlib.log.  Does this require a debug build?

Comment 40

20 years ago
IMAP (via NSPR) logging in seamonkey used to require a debug build. bienvenu
fixed it...perhaps netlib logging would require a similar change.

Comment 41

20 years ago
Created attachment 368 [details]
Netlib log for a run where content and menus didn't show up
Created attachment 369 [details]
Here is the log when things display ok. I compared them. They didn't point in any particular direction yet.

Comment 43

20 years ago
dp- did you do the same actions on both runs?  I noticed that the log from the
non-working run is almost twice as long as for the working run.

Comment 44

20 years ago
Ah, nevermind I think it's just because of the 1024[804f108]: on every line.

Comment 45

20 years ago
Brian, you are right, the bad run does have a lot more stuff. Dp said that might
have to do with reaching the 4 connection limit:

More than 4 cached connections.  Deleteing one...

But actually, I see more of those messages in the good run.

Comment 46

20 years ago
It looks like you got the working run by turning off the sidebar.  Can anyone
seem to get a working run WITH the sidebar?
Created attachment 370 [details]
OK run with sidebar.

Comment 48

20 years ago
Created attachment 371 [details] [diff] [review]
Differences between working and non-working runs.

Comment 49

20 years ago
Note that to create the above diff I made the mozilla paths the same and removed
the beginning of line headers, so what's shown is the real differences.

Comment 50

20 years ago
*** Bug 3291 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Status: Still cant reproduce the bug reliably. Theory is that this looks server
and time of day dependent. Netlib logs look ok.

Suggestion: wait until necko lands.


20 years ago
Whiteboard: no progress towards reproducability in m7 -> moving to m8
Target Milestone: M7 → M8


20 years ago
Blocks: 7232

Comment 52

20 years ago
I don't see how M7 can ship with this still happening.


20 years ago
Whiteboard: no progress towards reproducability in m7 -> moving to m8 → this is randomly reproduceable, we need a workaround for M7
Target Milestone: M8 → M7

Comment 53

20 years ago
Agreed, we can't ship M7 like this.
Moving back to M7, asking for a work-around.
Maybe a Linux-only work-around?


20 years ago
Assignee: dp → chofmann
start page changes to http://www.browserwatch.com until we fix this.

I had to change mozilla/xpfe/browser/src/navigator.xul.

For M8, I'm going to write some javascript to get the value of the start up
page pref.

Something like:
  var pref = Components.classes['component://netscape/preferences'];
  if (pref) {
    pref = pref.getService();
  if (pref) {
    pref = pref.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIPref);
  if (pref) {
	startuppage = pref.GetCharPref('startpage');

you get the idea.


20 years ago
Target Milestone: M7 → M8

Comment 55

20 years ago
using work around for m7. moving to m8.
dmose wisely point out that:

"just curious to know if anyone has checked with browserwatch.com to make
sure that they're ok with this.  we've had problems in the past with
doing stuff that we thought was benign and causing people's sites to get
hammered, and they haven't been happy..."

can someone confirm that #7417 won't rear its ugly head if the start page is

Comment 57

20 years ago
Could we possibly just make the start page about:blank or one of the built-in
samples?  That would also immensely speed startup for those of us who are
testing something other than the default page.  If the smoketests need a
complicated, slow startup page, they could specify -url (is there a way to do
this on mac?)


20 years ago
Target Milestone: M8 → M7

Comment 58

20 years ago
Back onto the M7 radar for URL confirmation.
when m8 opens up, I'll check in some changes to


then, the start page will be determined by the int pref "browser.startup.page"

// 0 = blank, 1 = home (browser.startup.homepage), 2 = last, 3 = splash (browser

depending on that pref, we use about:blank, the value of the char pref
"browser.startup.homepage", the last visted page, or the value of the char pref

all of this is done through js!
I've sent mail to the mozillazine.org owner asking if it's ok to switch to his
page... it's a bit more relevant to mozilla users than www.netscape.com, and it
loads relatively quickly.


20 years ago
Assignee: chofmann → leaf
Whiteboard: this is randomly reproduceable, we need a workaround for M7 → have workaround for m7, this is randomly reproduceable and ugly without it,


20 years ago
Assignee: leaf → warren
Target Milestone: M7 → M8

Comment 61

20 years ago
back to m8 and over to warren

Comment 62

20 years ago
www.pathfinder.com, which eventually redirects to
http://cgi.pathfinder.com/time, exhibits this same behavior on Linux.

Comment 63

20 years ago
Moving all Apprunner bugs past and present to Other component temporarily whilst
don and I set correct component.  Apprunner component will be deleted/retired


20 years ago


20 years ago
Blocks: 9184


20 years ago
Target Milestone: M8 → M9

Comment 64

20 years ago
necko now lands in m9

Comment 65

20 years ago
*** Bug 9610 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Comment 66

20 years ago
I have been noticing this too for a while...and i just wanted to add a few urls
that lead to the menu and resizing to be disabled.  If you go to any of these
sites, you will no longer be able to use the menu or properly resize the window:


Comment 67

20 years ago
so does www.bild.de. (don't ask me how i knew that).

i'll try to figure out what these sites have in common.

Comment 68

20 years ago
well there is a mix of versions but they are all
enterprise servers and they are all http 1.1

grok /u/chofmann % telnet www.mozilla.org 80
Connected to gila.mozilla.org.
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Server: Netscape-Enterprise/3.6

grok /u/chofmann % telnet www.warnerbros.com 80
Connected to www.warnerbros.com.
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Server: Netscape-Enterprise/3.5.1C

grok /u/chofmann % telnet www.usatoday.com 80
Connected to www.usatoday.com.
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Server: Netscape-Enterprise/3.6

its interesting to note that cnn is http 1.0 enterprise 2.0

grok /u/chofmann % telnet www.cnn.com 80
Connected to cnn.com.
HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request
Server: Netscape-Enterprise/2.01

and photnet is ms iis
rok /u/chofmann % telnet photo.com 80
Connected to photo.com.
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0

Comment 69

20 years ago
maybe a enterprise server bug that was broken in 3.x but
fixed in an enterprise service pack? www.uiu.edu is
on the working list and it shows 3.6 SP2

Connected to spider.cso.uiuc.edu.
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Server: Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 SP2

Comment 70

20 years ago
Has anyone figured out yet whether this still happens in necko?

Comment 71

20 years ago
As far as I can see this doesn't happen with Necko.  I changed the start page to
www.mozilla.org and I get working menus and working resizing.  But since the
problem comes and goes some other people should try to verify it.


20 years ago
Blocks: 11346


20 years ago
Last Resolved: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 72

20 years ago
I think this has fixed itself with the NECKO landing,
marking worksforme.


20 years ago

Comment 73

20 years ago
verified worksforme...these problems have disappeared after the necko landing.


20 years ago
Whiteboard: have workaround for m7, this is randomly reproduceable and ugly without it, → [PDT+]have workaround for m7, this is randomly reproduceable and ugly without it,

Comment 74

20 years ago
Putting on [PDT]+ radar.


18 years ago
No longer blocks: 11346
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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