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crossorigin attribute on script elements not reflected in crossOrigin IDL property


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Steps to reproduce:

Created a page that has <script crossorigin="anonymous" src="..."></script> in the markup. The page also dynamically creates a script element, sets its crossOrigin property to true, and inserts it into the document head.

Actual results:

Opened the Web Console to inspect the properties of the two script elements. The parser-inserted script's crossOrigin property was undefined, but getAttribute('crossorigin') returned "anonymous". The script-inserted script's crossOrigin property was true, but getAttribute('crossorigin') returned null and debugging tools like the built-in Inspector and Firebug did not show an empty crossorigin attribute in the markup.

Expected results:

The parser-inserted script's crossOrigin property should have been set to "anonymous". The script-inserted script should have the "crossorigin" content attribute set and visible to debugging tools.
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There's actually just no crossOrigin IDL property at all.  I didn't add one in bug 696301.  You're right that we should add one.
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Add a .crossOrigin IDL property.   that the content attribute is crossorigin (lowercase) in SVG, hence the need to have different

Review of attachment 612657 [details] [diff] [review]:

We should use 'using' more to fix the hiding problem for setattr
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Is this in a spec somewhere?
> We should use 'using' more to fix the hiding problem for setattr

That leaves the question of which one to 'use'.  I'm not sure I want to deal with that....

> Is this in a spec somewhere?

Not yet.  I did raise it on whatwg at some point, but not much response.  WebKit did add an IDL property for at least HTML; dunno about SVG.
i think you can just say "using parentclass::SetAttr;" and you'll get them all.
Yes, but parentclass is different for all the subclasses, no?  So I can't put that in the macro; I'd have to sprinkle it all over the tree.  Still worth it?
I think it's something we should do, but it doesn't need to be done here. In fine with landing what you have.
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