Chat accounts are not connected automatically if Thunderbird was offline on startup

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Thunderbird 17.0

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Thunderbird Daily 2012-04-04, Windows XP SP 3 32-bit

I am unable to connect to a newly created IRC account after creating it in a profile in which Thunderbird was offline on startup. Thunderbird tries to connect but fails despite being online. There is a notification: "Automatic Connection Settings have been ignored because the application was started in offline mode." The "Connect" button of the account is greyed out, you have to click the "Conncet now" of the notification to get connected.
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This bug was fixed for Instantbird in and pushed as

The patch I'm attaching here only to request approval is from aleth and was reviewed by me.

The current behavior is:
If Thunderbird is started with necko offline (the "work offline" checkbox of the profile manager), chat accounts that have the "Connect at startup" checkbox checked don't try to automatically connect. The user has to go to the "Show Accounts" chat dialog and click on the button of the notification bar displayed in attachment 612490 [details] to connect them.

With the attached patch, the chat core will tell these accounts to connect at startup anyway. They won't connect (because necko is offline), but they will remember the user wanted them to be connected, and they will connect automatically as soon as necko is back online.

In almost all cases this new behavior is better. The only case where the current behavior could be slightly better is if the user doesn't know that necko was started offline, as there won't be any message to explain the situation any more (as automatic connection isn't disabled).

My feeling is we should take this for Tb15.
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QA Contact: aletheia2
Summary: Unable to connect to newly created IRC account after creation if Thunderbird was offline on startup → Chat accounts are not connected automatically if Thunderbird was offline on startup
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 17.0
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status-thunderbird15: --- → fixed
status-thunderbird16: --- → fixed
This patch landed for Instantbird in
See Also: → bug 954930
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