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[meta] Electrolify DOM Device APIs


(Core :: DOM: Device Interfaces, defect)

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Some of the device APIs we recently added aren't multiprocess ("electrolysis") capable. With B2G aiming for to go multiprocess, we need to fix this.
Alias: e10s-device-apis
Depends on: 743008
As a general note: it's pretty painful to do e10s in C++ while we have good helpers in JS. Since most of our device APIs are backed by a JS service (RIL, IndexedDB, etc.), I suggest we use JS to communicate between chrome and content processes. The JS service in the chrome process would communicate with a corresponding object in the content process that mimics much of the same APIs for the DOM. This way should not require too many changes to the existing DOM code.
Depends on: 743018
That's how the C++ IPC works as well.

It makes most sense for the all-JS-impl'd APIs like contacts to use JS IPC, but we need to be extremely careful about that because the JS IPC doesn't have the same sanitizing checks as the C++ layer.
Depends on: 753862
Depends on: 766203
Depends on: 773798
After sms and pairing, we'll go back to just having "device APIs" and can close out this bug.
Depends on: 795458
No longer depends on: 795458
Closed: 5 years ago
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