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Secreview of B2G App Security Model


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(Whiteboard: [pending secreview] [start 04/18/2012][target ??/??/2012][score:76::High])

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One thing - I am currently driving the development of the security model, and I am also the reviewer, is this appropriate?
Whiteboard: [pending secreview] → [pending secreview] [start 04/18/2012][target 05/09/2012]
I think it is fine for now, but we will likely want to get input from a wider audience as it firms up. We can do that with the team as a group to validate any assumptions or thinking as this moves forward.
Assignee: ptheriault → nobody
Component: Security Assurance: Review Needed → General
Product: → Boot2Gecko
QA Contact: security-assurance → general
Target Milestone: --- → DeveloperPhone
Version: other → unspecified
Assignee: nobody → ptheriault
This review should probably be combined with bug 749379. (Implmentation of the permission manager). 

But is pretty close to final for V1 I think, so we might want to kick this one off soon?
I have made this bug block 758652 as this is basically the implementation of the App Security Model.

The permissions manager is a related bug as well 707625.
Blocks: 758652
Whiteboard: [pending secreview] [start 04/18/2012][target 05/09/2012] → [pending secreview] [start 04/18/2012][target ??/??/2012]
I don't understand what this bug is. It sounds like a meta-bug to implement a B2G security model, however bug 764189 is exactly that and is currently much more complete.
Summary: B2G App Security Model → Secreview of B2G App Security Model
This is the tracking bug for the security team to review the implementation of the app security model, ie bug 764189. But I guess you worked that out form the title change.

I understand there is a lot of work being done this week for this - can we perhaps conduct an initial security at the end of the week while it is fresh in everyone's mind?
Assignee: ptheriault → nobody
Component: General → Security Assurance: Review Request
Product: Boot2Gecko →
Target Milestone: DeveloperPhone → ---
Version: unspecified → other
Work on the implementation is ongoing (bug 764189).
Priority: P1 → P2
This needs to be a team review so I am taking it
Assignee: nobody → curtisk
Risk/Priority Ranking Exercise

Priority: 4 (P2) - Mozilla Initiative

Operational: 0 - N/A
User: 5 - Blocker
Privacy: 4 - Critical
Engineering: 5 - Blocker
Reputational: 5 - Blocker

Priority Score: 76
Severity: normal → blocker
Whiteboard: [pending secreview] [start 04/18/2012][target ??/??/2012] → [pending secreview] [start 04/18/2012][target ??/??/2012][score:76::High]
Due Date: 2012-11-30
Paul, any idea on when we might have this in a state where it is ready to review?
Flags: needinfo?(ptheriault)
At the time when I created this bug, the app security model was basically the permissions model. The permission model is now finalised, based upon a review that happened about 3 weeks ago with Jonas, Lucas and security team reps (David, Raymond & myself). The output was the fianlised permission model here:

There was some updates to bring implementation inline with design, tracked here:

Technically, an "App Security Model" includes other aspects (udates, delivery, installation etc) but these aspects are being tracked in other specific reviews so I think we can probably close this.
Closed: 11 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
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