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Update libpixman to 0.24.4


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This has a collection of performance improvements that will help on mobile and windows xp
Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Change MMX ldq_u to return _m64 instead of forcing all callers to cast
      Make mmx code compatible with Solaris Studio 12.3 compilers
      Just use xmmintrin.h when building with Solaris Studio compilers

Andrea Canciani (19):
      Include noop in win32 builds
      Silence autoconf warnings
      radial: Improve documentation and naming
      radial: Fix typos and trailing whitespace
      win32: Build benchmarks
      Workaround bug in llvm-gcc
      test: Fix compilation on win32
      build: Reuse sources and pixman-combine build rules
      build: Reuse test sources
      build-win32: Share targets and variables across win32 makefiles
      build-win32: Add root Makefile.win32
      test: Do not include config.h unless HAVE_CONFIG_H is defined
      build-win32: Add 'check' target
      Remove useless checks for NULL before freeing
      test: Cleanup includes
      Use the ARRAY_LENGTH() macro when possible
      test: Reuse the ARRAY_LENGTH() macro
      demos: Consistently use G_N_ELEMENTS()
      test: Produce autotools-looking report in the win32 build system

Benjamin Otte (2):
      tests: Add PNG_CFLAGS/LIBS to tests
      build: replace @VAR@ with $(VAR) in makefiles

Bobby Salazar (2):
      Android Runtime Detection Support For ARM NEON
      iOS Runtime Detection Support For ARM NEON

Chris Wilson (1):
      bits: optimise fetching width==1 repeats

Chun-wei Fan (1):
      Just include xmmintrin.h on MSVC as well

Colin Walters (1): Support GNOME Build API

Jeff Muizelaar (7):
      Add definitions of INT64_MIN and INT64_MAX
      Fix visibility

Jeremy Huddleston (7): Add an --enable-libpng option
      Revert "Disable MMX when Clang is being used."
      Silence a warning about unused pixman_have_mmx
      Disable MMX when incompatible clang is being used.
      Expand TLS support beyond __thread to __declspec(thread)
      Fix a false-negative in MMX check Fix a copy-paste-o in TLS detection

Jon TURNEY (1):
      Fix build on cygwin after commit efdf65c0c4fff551fb3cd9104deda9adb6261e22

Matt Turner (30):
      lowlevel-blt: add over_x888_8_8888
      mmx: fix formats in commented code
      mmx: convert while (w) to if (w) when possible
      mmx: rename USE_MMX to USE_X86_MMX
      mmx: wrap x86/MMX inline assembly in ifdef USE_X86_MMX
      mmx: fix unaligned accesses
      mmx: prepare pixman-mmx.c to be compiled for ARM/iwmmxt
      mmx: compile on ARM for iwmmxt optimizations
      mmx: optimize unaligned 64-bit ARM/iwmmxt loads
      Make sure iwMMXt is only detected on ARM
      Correct the minimum gcc version needed for iwmmxt
      Use AC_LANG_SOURCE for iwMMXt configure program
      Make sure to run AC_SUBST IWMMXT_CFLAGS
      Convert while (w) to if (w) when possible
      autoconf: use #error instead of error
      mmx: enable over_x888_8_8888 on ARM/iwMMXt
      mmx: Use _mm_mulhi_pu16
      mmx: Use _mm_shuffle_pi16
      mmx: fix typo in pix_add_mul on MSVC
      Update .gitignore with more demos and tests
      mmx: make store8888 take uint32_t *dest as argument
      mmx: make load8888 take a pointer to data instead of the data itself
      lowlevel-blt: add over_8888_8888
      lowlevel-blt: add over_x888_n_8888
      lowlevel-blt-bench: add in_8_8 and in_n_8_8
      Use AC_LANG_SOURCE for DSPr2 configure program
      mmx: enable over_n_0565 for b5g6r5
      mmx: Use force_inline instead of __inline__ (bug 46906) require >= gcc-4.5 for ARM iwMMXt
      mmx: fix _mm_shuffle_pi16 function when compiling without optimization

Naohiro Aota (1):
      Don't use non-POSIX test

Nemanja Lukic (4):
      MIPS: DSPr2: Basic infrastructure for MIPS architecture
      MIPS: DSPr2: Added fast-paths for SRC operation.
      MIPS: DSPr2: Added mips_dspr2_blt and mips_dspr2_fill routines.
      MIPS: DSPr2: Added over_n_8888_8888_ca and over_n_8888_0565_ca fast paths.

Nis Martensen (1):
      Fix a few typos in pixman-combine.c.template

Siarhei Siamashka (4):
      C fast path for scaled src_x888_8888 with nearest filter
      ARM: workaround binutils bug #12931 (code sections alignment)
      test: better coverage for BILINEAR->NEAREST filter optimization
      BILINEAR->NEAREST filter optimization for simple rotation and translation

Søren Sandmann (5):
      mmx: Delete some unused variables
      sse2: Delete some unused variables
      demos: Comment out some unused variables
      ARM: Fix two bugs in neon_composite_over_n_8888_0565_ca().
      test: Make executable

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (96):
      Add a "noop" implementation.
      Add a noop composite function for the DST operator
      Move noop dest fetching to noop implementation
      Add a noop src iterator
      Move NULL iterator into pixman-noop.c
      Move NOP src iterator into noop implementation.
      Replace instances of "dst_*" with "dest_*"
      In pixman-general.c rename image_parameters to {src, mask, dest}_image
      Replace argumentxs to composite functions with a pointer to a struct
      blitters-test: Make common formats more likely to be tested.
      Pre-release version bump to 0.23.2
      Post-release version bump to 0.23.3 Add to RELEASE_ANNOUNCE_LIST
      Fix lcg_rand_u32() to return 32 random bits.
      New test of pixman_region_contains_{rectangle,point}
      Speed up pixman_region{,32}_contains_rectangle()
      Use find_box_for_y() in pixman_region_contains_point() too
      Don't include stdint.h in lowlevel-blt-bench.c
      In pixman_image_create_bits() allow images larger than 2GB
      Rename pixman-fast-path.h to pixman-inlines.h
      Use repeat() function from pixman-inlines.h in pixman-bits-image.c
      Move bilinear interpolation to pixman-inlines.h
      Pre-release version bump to 0.23.4
      Post-release version bump to 0.23.5
      test: New function to save a pixman image to .png
      Use pkg-config to determine the flags to use with libpng
      test: Use smaller boxes in region_contains_test()
      A few tweaks to a comment in pixman-combine.c.template
      Add a generic unorm_to_unorm() conversion utility
      Add general pixel converter
      Add initial version of the MAKE_ACCESSORS() macro
      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate all the 32 bit accessors
      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for all the 16bpp formats
      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for 8bpp RGB formats
      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for 4 bpp RGB formats
      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for 24bpp formats
      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for the a1 format.
      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for paletted formats
      Remove x and y coordinates from analyze_extents() and compute_sample_extents()
      Split computation of sample area into own function
      Eliminate compute_sample_extents() function
      test: Occasionally use a BILINEAR filter in blitters-test
      Strength-reduce BILINEAR filter to NEAREST filter for identity transforms
      Don't include stdint.h in scaling-helpers-test.
      Add src, mask, and dest flags to the composite args struct.
      Pre-release version bump to 0.23.6
      Post-release version bump to 0.23.7
      Add stable release / development snapshot to draft release notes
      gradient walker: Correct types and fix formatting
      Use sentinels instead of special casing first and last stops
      Simplify gradient_walker_reset()
      Merge branch 'gradients'
      Fix use of uninitialized fields reported by valgrind
      Pre-release version bump to 0.23.8
      Post-release version bump to 0.23.9
      Pre-release version bump to 0.24.0
      Post-release version bump to 0.25.1
      region: Add pixman_region{,32}_clear() functions.
      Modify gradient-test to show a bug in NONE processing
      gradient-walker: For NONE repeats, when x < 0 or x > 1, set both colors to 0
      pixman-image.c: Fix typo in pixman_image_set_transform()
      Fix some signed overflow bugs
      Add missing cast in _pixman_edge_multi_init()
      Fix a bunch of signed overflow issues
      In MUL_UNc() cast to comp2_t
      Reject trapezoids where top (botttom) is above (below) the edges
      Fix rounding for DIV_UNc()
      test: In the alphamap test, also test that we get the right red value
      Fix bugs with alpha maps
      test/alphamap.c: Make dst and orig_dst more independent of each other
      Get rid of delegates for combiners
      Move the color_correct() function from composite.c to utils.c
      Rename color_correct() to round_color()
      test: Add a new "pixel_checker_t" object.
      test: Port composite test over to use new pixel_checker_t object.
      Revert "Reject trapezoids where top (botttom) is above (below) the edges"
      mmx: Enable over_x888_8_8888() for x86 as well
      mmx: Delete unused function in_over_full_src_alpha()
      Disable MMX when Clang is being used.
      Disable implementations mentioned in the PIXMAN_DISABLE environment variable.
      Move fetching for solid bits images to pixman-noop.c
      pixman-accessors.h: Delete unused macros
      pixman-access.c: Remove some unused macros
      mmx: Squash a warning by making the argument to ldl_u() const
      Pre-release version bump to 0.25.2
      Post-release version bump to 0.25.3
      Use "=a" and "=d" constraints for rdtsc inline assembly
      demos: Add quad2quad program
      demos: Add checkerboard demo
      composite-test.c: Use similar gradient to the one in the PDF spec.
      composite-test.c: Add a parrot image
      Add the original parrot image.
      Rename fast_composite_add_1000_1000 to _add_1_1()
      gtk-utils.c: Don't include pixman-private.h
      test/utils.c: Rename and export the pngify_pixels() function.
      gtk-utils.c: In pixbuf_from_argb32() use a8r8g8b8_to_rgba_np()

Taekyun Kim (25):
      Replace boolean arguments with flags for bilinear fast path template
      REPEAT_NORMAL support for bilinear fast path template
      sse2: Declare bilinear src_8888_8888 REPEAT_NORMAL composite function
      ARM: Add REPEAT_NORMAL functions to bilinear BIND macros
      Enable REPEAT_NORMAL bilinear fast path entries
      Bilinear REPEAT_NORMAL source line extension for too short src_width
      ARM NEON: Standard fast path out_reverse_8_8888
      ARM: NEON better instruction scheduling of over_n_8_8888
      ARM: NEON better instruction scheduling of over_n_8888
      sse2: Macros for assembling bilinear interpolation code fractions
      sse2: Bilinear scaled over_8888_8888
      sse2: Bilinear scaled over_8888_8_8888
      init/fini functions for pixman_image_t
      Add new fast path flag FAST_PATH_BITS_IMAGE
      Move _pixman_lookup_composite_function() to pixman-utils.c
      Simple repeat fast path
      Simple repeat: Extend too short source scanlines into temporary buffer
      ARM: NEON: Some cleanup of bilinear scanline functions
      ARM: NEON: Bilinear macro template for instruction scheduling
      ARM: NEON: Replace old bilinear scanline generator with new template
      ARM: NEON: Instruction scheduling of bilinear over_8888_8888
      ARM: NEON: Instruction scheduling of bilinear over_8888_8_8888
      ARM: NEON: Standard fast path src_n_8_8888
      ARM: NEON: Standard fast path src_n_8_8
      ARM: NEON: Fix assembly typo error in src_n_8_8888
With Fennec on Mobile FishIE we go from about 16fps to 17fps

On Windows XP FishIE with 50 fish FishIE goes from 16fps to 27-30fps

Chrome with GPU canvas disabled also runs at about 30fps
Assignee: nobody → jmuizelaar
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla14
Blocks: 667284
Blocks: 689707
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Depends on: 769003
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