Filelink URL insertion should not move the users selection point

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 14.0


7 years ago
7 years ago


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Thunderbird 14.0
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1)  Start a Filelink upload
2)  Start typing in the compose window, and don't stop until the upload completes

What happens?

The attachment URL gets inserted, and the user's selection is moved below it.

What's expected?

The users selection should not have changed from where they were.

This is quite disruptive to the flow of email composition.
It used to be that the selection didn't move - but I think that regressed when I beefed up the URL insertion logic.  I don't think this is too hard a fix.
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So it turns out this isn't a problem if we're in the middle of typing a line.

If, however, the last character we typed was a newline, *then* our selection was moved.

So, new STR:

1)  Start a Filelink upload
2)  Type a few characters in the compose window, and press enter to start a new line
3)  Wait for upload to complete

What happens?

The attachment URL gets inserted, and the selection is now below the inserted URL.

What's expected?

The selection should be where the user left it - on that first newline.
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Ok, one final modification to my STR - you need *two* newlines after any text in order to observe the problem.

This patch fixes the problem and adds a test.
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mozmill tests pass w/ patch...
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