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Nicer currency errors


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When a paypal transaction fails due to currency issues, we should bubble up a nice message. There's two primary errors. On sale we'll get:

 (559044): The receiver does not accept payments in this Currency

We need to provide a string to the front end for in app and purchase pages that surfaces this message. Something like: "You tried to purchase in CAD but this app only accepts USD and YEN".

Then on refund we'll get an error like:

'currencyCode': 'USD', 'responseEnvelope.timestamp': '2012-04-18T18:05:22.133-07:00', 'responseEnvelope.correlationId': 'c031ce280e722', 'refundInfoList.refundInfo(1).receiver.amount': '0.30', 'refundInfoList.refundInfo(1).refundStatus': 'INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE',

That's because there isn't enough USD in receive (1) for that currency. This should be something like "We tried to refund 0.30 from account, but there isn't enough balance in that account." This error will be sent in emails and logs to the relevant people.
Assignee: nobody → ashort
1. Have your default current set to EURO and set up preauth
2. Pick an app which doesn't support that currency-
3. Try to purchase the app.

expected behavior:
we show a proper error message informing about the currency issue OR gracefully fail and use USD.

actual behavior:
We show "Error communicating Paypal.Please try again later". Trying again will result in the same error.
Krupa is concerned about people setting up the wrong currency and then not being able to buy anything at all.  Currencies are still something we're working on getting right but I'm changing this to P2 to make her happy.  It doesn't block the launch or anything, just a "this is more important that the p3s" kind of thing.
More explicit error on purchase fail:
Assignee: ashort → amckay
If it fails pre-approval, we retry without pre-approval in USD when purchasing:
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