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Support the new Metro address bar search results page


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Windows 8.1
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Bug 747789 should be done first.
This task is to expand that interface to support search results.
As you type in the address bar, There should be 2 categories in the content.
This replaces the awesome bar. 

Your Results:
Lists a box for each result.

Internet Searches:
Lists a box for each search engine installed.
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Product: Fennec → Firefox
Assignee: nobody → jonathan
Depends on: 774904
Implementation note: I'm planning to merge this in with the start screen.  The start screen will be an unfiltered view of the awesomescreen.  It'll have a few extra sections, like downloads and top pages.  The filtered view will also have a few extra sections, like search results and web search providers.  The common sections will be filtered in the awesomescreen view.
Summary: Support the new Metro address bar search results page → Support the new Metro address bar search results page and start screen
Depends on: 776124
Initial patch:

Some more work to go on the "internet searches" section and favicons.  Will get that in tomorrow, along with some refactoring.
Summary: Support the new Metro address bar search results page and start screen → Support the new Metro address bar search results page
As I type in the url bar I can see the awesomescreen boxes come up (cool).  But if I type in a URL and press enter it does not load a page.  Also if I click on a box it doesn't load a page either.  I tried with both the metro browser and the -metrodesktop command line arg.

I did manage to get it into a working state once but I'm not sure how to do that again.  Once it was working both url bar loads and clicking on boxes loaded the page. I can't get back in that state anymore.

To reproduce all I do is open the browser, type a url and press enter.
Hm.  I missed that last night.  But, sure enough:
If you type in something, you can click on items, select them, etc.

But, if you hit enter on the URL bar without selecting anything in the list below first, autocomplete breaks.
Do we have a bug filed on getting the correct background color for tiles, or will that be covered here? I was wondering how that would get computed and whether or not we would need to provide some sort of C++ / thumbnail color extraction api for fast processing of thumbnail colors.
There's a bug to get the actual color, I think Bug 634139.   I'm not sure if there is one to use it for tiles though.  

I think this will be pretty tricky to get correct in all cases though.  For secondary tiles MS has a meta tag that can be used to customize how your tile can look.  Maybe we could use this same meta tag for this to determine background color so sites can override the background color they get?  Maybe we could hardcode some common sites to color mappings for cases the algorithm doesn't get quite right.  

I'm not sure using the most representative color is the right thing either, maybe determining the background color of the favicon if not transparent. And then determining the innermost common color.
IIRC, there's already code for tracking <meta> tags in related to web app icons.  It wouldn't be that hard to update that to also pull data about the tile color.

Documentation is on the IEBlog:

The bigger question for me is determining how to also attach that information to the bookmark entry, but I assume we could just create another SQL table that ties hostnames (or full URLs?) to colors?

Known issue: if it returns no results, it won't update the search engine subtitle anymore.
Whiteboard: completed-elm
Blocks: 747789
No longer depends on: 747789
Product: Firefox → Firefox for Metro
Keywords: feature
Whiteboard: completed-elm → completed-elm [metro-mvp]
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OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
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