mozMovementX is transient and becomes zero later

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7 years ago
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mousemove events have valid mozMovementX and Y values, but if that event object is saved somewhere and processed later, the value of mozMovementX is 0. This is quite surprising and a problem for web pages that want to process the event info later.

For example, if you receive such an event and do a setTimeout whose closure captures the event, the timeout will print 0 for mozMovementX.

The attached testcase shows this, search for 'zz' to see the relevant lines. Looking in the web console it is clear mozMovementX is valid when received, but zero'd out later.


7 years ago
nsDOMUIEvent::DuplicatePrivateData() should handle also movementX/Y
This is a bug in the newly implemented Mouse Lock API. Tracking for FF14.

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7 years ago
As an aside, this test case is triggering bug 731350 for me when I go fullscreen.
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7 years ago
Posted patch Patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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seems like there's a rash of tracking flags being reset going around.  fixing. we're tracking this for 14.

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7 years ago
I wanted to run this through try server before updating, but now that I've done that, this looks good.
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