Profile missing error message should indicate to user the location of the profile




7 years ago
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1)  Firefox not running
2)  Rename profile folder
3)  Start Firefox

Actual results:
"Your firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible"

Expected results:
The error message should indicate to user the expected location of the profile
No longer depends on: 278860
From my perspective, Paul Silaghi hits the nail on the head.

I'd write the code myself, but my programming is rusty. (nearly 10 years)

Anyone? Would be really helpful. Especially because the path I try to convey via profiles.ini doesn't show up in my strace, so I'm unsure whether Firefox even really tries to read anything from my profile.

Turns out the message was very misleading. The problem was not at all about my profile directory (the one with prefs.js). Instead, there was a filename conflict which prevented creation of the ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox directory. The error can be provoked by missing write protection, or a dead symlink. For strangest of reasons, when I instead provoke the name conflict with an empty file, firefox just quits silently, no visible indication it had ever started.

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