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YouSendIt password does not get cleared from password manager if it's no longer valid


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(thunderbird13 fixed, thunderbird14 fixed)

Thunderbird 15.0
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thunderbird13 --- fixed
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1)  Create a new YouSendIt Filelink account. When the password prompt comes up, give it something incorrect, but tell it to save the password.
2)  When the authorization error is displayed, click "Set up Account" again

What happens?

The dialog attempts to reauthorize using the saved password, which doesn't give the user a chance to correct it.

What's expected?

If authorization fails, the user's saved password should get wiped out so that we reprompt.
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Here's my first crack at it.
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Sorry for the delay. I tried to test this by changing my password on the YSI site, and ran into a couple problems. I've attached a patch that detects the error code in that case (400). With that change, we eventually figure out that the password is bad and reprompt the user. It's not seamless, in the sense that the first upload fails, and the second upload causes us to reprompt for the password. But it's a hella-better than what we have now. r+ with that change.

For extra credit, we could pre-fill in the password prompt with the previous password, and do the retry/cancel/enter new password thing. I'm a little worried that we really don't know why the password failed, and if it's just a temporary outage on the YSI server, permanently forgetting the password might mess up the user. They can always reset it on the YSI web-site, of course, and perhaps this won't be a big problem. It doesn't seem to have been an issue so far.
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Thanks for the assist, David!

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