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IonMonkey: Address worst-case compile performance on extremely large scripts


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We need some basic heuristics for deciding whether a script is too large to compile with IonMonkey.

First, local and argument counts should be capped to something relatively small (probably 256 is okay, 512 might be pushing it - we can measure).

Second, if a JSScript gets recompiled too many times, we should stop trying to optimize it (unless useCount gets reset).

Last, we should have some heuristic for detecting when a function is super expensive to compile, because then if it recompiles at all we'll probably lose.

In all of these cases for now we can fall back to JM+TI.
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This patch caps script->length and the number of locals + args. It seems to work pretty well.

On Kraken, this helps audio-beat-detection, other tests are unaffected:

    beat-detection: 2.18x as fast      435.6ms +/- 2.9%    200.2ms +/-

V8 before:

Richards: 9761
DeltaBlue: 8179
Crypto: 13756
RayTrace: 977
EarleyBoyer: 2507
RegExp: 495
Splay: 9298
Score (version 6): 3843

V8 after:

Richards: 9779
DeltaBlue: 8106
Crypto: 13868
RayTrace: 969
EarleyBoyer: 2428
RegExp: 1202
Splay: 9420
Score (version 6): 4347

SS score does not change much, although we de do reject the large scripts in 3d-cube and crypto-m5. 3d-cube gets 3 ms faster and md5 1 ms slower. Both are still slower than JM+TI, I will look into this now.
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What is the impact on emscripten generated code ?  misc-bugs-654410-nezulator[1] seems to suffer a lot from this modification.

(In reply to Nicolas B. Pierron [:pierron] from comment #3)
> What is the impact on emscripten generated code ? 

I tested sqlite.js and it runs fine now.

> misc-bugs-654410-nezulator[1] seems to suffer a lot from this modification.

I forgot to mention this, but the AWFY regressions are expected: we now reject large scripts and JM is disabled on AWFY. Enabling JM should fix the regressions.
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