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Django project modernization


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Webdev has learned some things about Django best practices since devmo and Kuma were started, and they're reflected in Playdoh. It might be nice to do a few things like:

* Revamp the file layout to reflect the new project-module structure of Playdoh - eg. no more apps/ directory, make an mdn module and put the apps under there

* Use the new settings module layout, rather than /

* Consider using funfactory to replace sumo & devmo apps, upstream any changes or enhancements unique to Kuma

There may be more things. Use this as a blocker bug to spawn workable tasks
We should clean up the kitsune stuff before revamping the project layout
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Since I was just reminded of this: In a vagrant VM, you can't run tests in /vagrant - it fails with a "no such module vagrant" error. I think that has something to do with the way modules and directories are laid out in the project, and I think playdoh / funfactory fixed that.
> "no such module vagrant"
I filed with diagnosis of this issue.
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I think we've done most of this work over the last 4 years, such as moving code from apps/ to kuma/. Specific changes should get specific new bugs. For example, the next round of settings changes is bug 1308630.
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