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image not shown on linux, works on windows NT


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BuildID:    2001041205

The map jpg image has not been visible on Linux builds since libpOrn landed. 
The same image is displayed correctly on windows builds with libp0rn. 

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Go to URL
2.Image is not displayed

Actual Results:  The map image is not displayed.

Expected Results:  The image should be displayed.

If you right click on the missing image, and select view image from the menu,
the image is correctly displayed by itself. The same page works fine on the same
days windows build.
I played around with the <img> tag of the offending image, and found that if the
width and height (which are originaly correctly declared at 720 X 478)
properties are removed, the image is still not visible, but becomes visible if
clicked on.  Clicking on the image with the width and height declared has no effect.
I am seeing this linux build 2001041205, changing to new [imglib]
Ever confirmed: true
Whiteboard: [imglib]
I see this as well, on  There is supposed
to be a picture of our laboratory on this page, but there's just a blank
space.  Right-clicking on the rectangle where the picture should be
and doing a 'view image' brings it up okay on its own.
Probably the same bug as at

In the blank area on the upper left there is supposed to be an image.

I'm also using Linux, build 2001041214
Whiteboard: [imglib] → [imglib] [linux scaling]
I'm seeing the same problem (indeed, in great
proliferation) when remote-displaying from a Solaris
box to a Linux box (which does not have XIE).
Completely consistant.

I get this when running straight on Solaris, right on the local X server.
Images will frequently not appear, but I can cause them to appear simply by 
dragging the mouse over them (as if I was trying to select them for C&P).

Does this bug display such behavior?
Blocks: 66967
Can we get this bug nominated for 0.9? I know it's late, but it seems to me that
it would be a pretty bad move to release a milestone which has a regression of
this magnitude, one that makes running the program on one of its target
platforms pretty pointless.
there is a patch to do image scaling without xie or gdkpixbuf.. it will get in 
in the next day or two (for 0.9)
Great!  Feel like accepting the bug, then?  :)
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isn't this bug 74313 ?
This is happening on OpenVMS too (X display on local workstation). 
You have to fix this one for 0.9!!!!
Asa, I believe this is the same as bug 74313.  I didn't think the image I
reported this on was being scalled, but it is.
Scott, marking duplicate of 74313.  Please reopen if that gets fixed and the
problem is not gone.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 74313 ***
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