More contrasting color for yellow star (starred messages)



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Steps to reproduce:

Star a message.

Actual results:

The message gets a yellow star icon in the star column but the star is not easily visible since it has low contrast with the background colors and with greyed out unset stars, see screenshot. When other default colors are used to label messages, see screenshot, the effect is even worse.

Expected results:

Perhaps for many users a yellow star is sufficient, especially when no other colors are being used. Users that do desire a star with a more contrasting color should be able to select another star icon from a limited set of star icons in the preferences.

Offering star icons with the following colors: yellow FFFF00 (default), orange FF8800, red FF0000, magenta FF00FF, purple 8800ff, blue 0000FF en enables the user to have stars have high contrast with the background. This also applies to stars displayed in the message header.

PS   Note that the user should be able to choose only one star color and the star icons are ready shipped and not generated on demand.


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Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Component: Folder and Message Lists → Theme
QA Contact: folders-message-lists → theme
I would be ok with changing the color of the star, since yellow on white is a bit hard to read. I'm not ok with creating a UI for selecting star colors as part of core Thunderbird.

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Current use of star icons

That is also fine with me. Perhaps make the star a bit more orange. For example, the start used in the header of a message has already more contrast than the star used in the message list and the star used in the quick filter bar at the top of the window.

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6 years ago
FTR: Bug 558519 is about another star which is also too faint, for newly arrived email.


6 years ago
Summary: More contrasting color for star → More contrasting color for yellow star (starred messages)


5 years ago
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screen shot of stars in message list

Bug 558519 is about "starburst". And I think it's principal problem is the burst is too small to be obvious.

In this bug, a different star, I am not sure whether "the color" itself needs to change - 

a) star in reporter's screen shot looks more faint than mine (a large display at 1680x1050 - attached), so does reporter have a slight problem with the display?  Is reporter affected by screen resolution?  

b) regardless, it should be better out of the box. One problem is the gradient - the star gets lighter/whiter in the upper half. In fact very few pixels have the dark yellow. So make it a more uniform color and perhaps we fix the issue? Make the star bigger and there would be less of an issue.


4 years ago
Keywords: ux-efficiency
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