Tag color not updated automatically if tag changed by another source (shared IMAP folder)



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Steps to reproduce:

In a shared IMAP folder, when another user applies a tag to a message, the update isn't reflected in my message list by displaying the message in the tag's colour or displaying the tag name in the tag column.

Actual results:

The message entry in the message list keeps the old color and is not updated. Even after pressing F5 "Get New messages for current account" the display is not updated. I found 3 ways to manually update a message entry to reflect the real tag's colour:

1. Moving the mouse over the message list entry
2. Setting the window focus to another application
3. Opening any Thunderbird dialog, e.g. File->Subscribe, Address Book, etc.

Expected results:

The tag colour of messages in the message list should automatically reflect updates, at least after pressing F5 or if the message's status is updated in the background.

Comment 1

6 years ago
yeah, nsImapMailFolder::HandleCustomFlags updates the keywords properties on the message header. If it went through nsIMsgDatabase.setStringProperty() instead, we'd get automatic invalidation of the view, if needed, with a bit of performance hit.


5 years ago
Severity: normal → minor
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OS: Windows 7 → All
Summary: Tag color not updated automatically in shared IMAP folder → Tag color not updated automatically if tag changed by another source (shared IMAP folder)


5 years ago
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Comment 2

4 years ago
I am also facing same issue. i have configured shared mailbox and in this mailbox  3 users are registerd, when any user tag the mail in his system so that same mail  with the set tag should aslo displayed  on  another user syste. but it is not dispalying even after refresh the  thunderbird.

Same scenario is working fro the Outlook  but not in the Thnunderbird.

Can anyone suggest me how can i do same in the Thnudnerbird. and also specify which configuration file is using  in MTA server to store the TAGS for Thunderbird . ( for IMAP)
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