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[meta] Tracking of QA initial assessment of official ARMv6 builds on devices


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This tracking meta bug will track some initial testing and assessment of ARMv6 builds on an assortment of devices.

Devices on order or an hand so far:

* Samsung GT-i5700 Spica Galaxy, Galaxy Lite
* Samsung GT-B7510, Galaxy Pro
* HTC A5101 Wildfire S
* Samsung GT-S5660, Galaxy Gio
* Samsung GT-i5510, Galaxy 551
* HTC A6363 Legend
* Samsung GT-S5670, Galaxy Fit
* HTC A333, Wildfire

Unofficial ARMv6 builds --
As of June 22nd, we will have official builds
Summary: [meta] Tracking of QA initial assessment of unofficial ARMv6 builds on devices → [meta] Tracking of QA initial assessment of official ARMv6 builds on devices
First UX impressions, testing builds from on 

Samsung GT-i5510 Galaxy 551
(240x400 display, slide-out horizontal keyboard)

Samsung GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro
(320x240 display, hardware keyboard)


Overall, very promising!

Instant Wins
- Browser feels *very* responsive
- Absolutely blows the stock browser out of the water, there is no comparison
- Tabs tray is very fast
- Awesomebar and search suggest is incredibly fast
- Font inflation works great

- Some strange panning and zooming issues on longer pages(stretched images and text, checkerboarding)
- The textured graphic treatment we use in our UI elements doesn't hold up well here. Might be worth trying non-textured assets for lower end displays
- The tabs tray will need to open wider on shorter displays (right now the Galaxy Pro can only show about 1.5 tabs)
Another thing to add - I would prioritize bug 716403 (scrolling the header off the top of the screen. This will benefit not just armv7 phones, but will also be great here on devices with such small displays.
Some of the issues seems to be fixed from the first time I looked at it.

Interesting to note, Adobe Flash is not supported for this device (Samsung GT-I5510).  However there is an app called OpenFlash that seems to run flash within fennec.
I was mistaken in Comment 4.  I forgot about the external Youtube App.  :|  Flash doesn't work on Arm v6.
No longer depends on: 612011
There is an unofficial version of Flash 10.3 for ARMv6, which worked in my tests with Fennec on a Galaxy mini (GT-S5570), but is rather slow, and has repaint issues.
The first round of testing was completed as of 7/13:
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