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High-resolution icons for Kindle devices


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User is reporting low quality icon for Kindle display:
This bug exists on Nightly too.
Version: Firefox 14 → Trunk
Still an issue on the HDX, all the way through to 28.

Ian, do we have assets up to 675x675? We can't necessarily stuff these in our APK (though I'd love to try it out), but we ought to have these ready in case we hit the Amazon app store someday.

Component: General → Theme and Visual Design
Keywords: polish
Hardware: ARM → All
Summary: Higher Resolution Icon for Kindle Fire → Need higher resolution Icon for Kindle Fire
Whiteboard: kindle
Blocks: kindle
Check out these gigantor icons!

Warning: while they are very pretty, they are also really big files relatively speaking. Maybe we should take some comparison screenshots with these vs the XXHDPI (144x144) icons we already have in our builds.
Let's put this on my plate for now.
Assignee: nobody → rnewman
GCP found a tool called pngquant ( that reduces the size of PNGs substantially, even more than pngcrush.
Filed (and addressed) Bug 959833 for pngquant. Unlikely to be a good fit for this bug, though -- too much visible dithering. A different approach to pngcrushing might work.
Current thinking on this is that shipping these in the APK would be a bit of a hack (you need to supply grossly oversized icons in an existing bucket) -- the Fire expects to download the icons it needs from the Appstore.

I'll investigate whether shipping xxxhdpi in Bug 959379 will improve matters.
The Fire does *not* look at xxxhdpi when searching for a huge icon.
Further to Comment 7: this is a pseudo-WONTFIX.

We will still need the very large icons for uploading to the Amazon Appstore, but we won't need to include them in the APK for that.

We might consider shipping the very large icons (e.g., 675x675 as xhdpi instead of 96x96) in Nightly and Aurora builds for sideloaders, *if* standard Android devices are shown to handle this correctly *or* we're willing to maintain separate Kindle sideload APKs. But I don't think that's a goal right now.

Leaving open for the assets in Comment 3.
Summary: Need higher resolution Icon for Kindle Fire → High-resolution icons for Kindle devices
Assignee: rnewman → nobody
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