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[meta] First run feature introduction/tour


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Features like Reader Mode (and maybe other basic operations) probably need a first launch intro as they are not immediately obvious from the start.

This bug is about designing and implementing a first launch experience for Fennec.
Blocks: 769314

As a User:

1. The first time I install firefox on android, I would like to have a simple introduction on how to use firefox. 
   Currently, I need to go to settings->about Firefox->Support and then connect to a website to read the instructions. This is really complicated.

2. After upgrading to a new version, I would like firefox can show new features in an easier way. Currently, I need to go to settings->about Firefox->Release note. and sometimes, I cannot understand the release note without going to bugzilla.

I think the FTU instructions are very useful especially there are some UI change. 
Foe example, we add some new features such as HealthReport in V23. We add it in the settings. But normal users may have no way to notice it until they go to settings->Privicy & Security->Data Selection.

Providing a FTU page, can help the new feature expose more to the users.
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Do we want to target this for a certain release?
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I'm going to put this into the roadmap for Fx31.
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Sola and Chenxia and I sat down yesterday to start hashing this out -- here were some preliminary sketches and some notes we took in our discussion.

Sola is going to start working on the basic structure of the tour UI and welcome screen, while we (probably Anthony and I) refine the designs and content.
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I feel like we're using a different set of bugs to track this feature. liuche, can we dupe this to something else?
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Hmm, actually, I'm going to make this the firstrun metabug - I was going to dupe it to bug 1042809, but that's actually just a normal (fixed) bug with tons of bugs hanging off of it.
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Summary: First run feature introduction/tour → [meta] First run feature introduction/tour
Wait, I realized there is actually a metabug for onboarding - duping this.
Alias: firstrun
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