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Shutdown crash in DOMSVGTransformList::IsAnimValList with deterministicgc() and watchpoints


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(Reporter: jruderman, Assigned: mccr8)


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1. Install
2. Run Firefox
3. Load the testcase.
4. Quit Firefox.

Result: shutdown crash [@ mozilla::DOMSVGTransformList::IsAnimValList]

Likely tickled by the current leakiness of deterministicgc(), which is bug 769015. But this seems more serious than a leak.
Attached file stack trace
Might be debug-only.
Crash Signature: [@ mozilla::DOMSVGTransformList::IsAnimValList] → [@ mozilla::DOMSVGTransformList::IsAnimValList] [@ mozilla::DOMSVGTransformList::cycleCollection::UnlinkImpl]
Assignee: nobody → continuation
The immediate cause is a double-unlink problem: when you unlink DOMSVGTransformList twice, you end up doing a null-deref.  That's easy enough to fix.

But it does seem odd that the GC and the CC aren't agreeing on whether the transform list is alive or not...
Group: core-security
This probably isn't too big a deal.  The GC thinking something is alive that the CC thinks is dead causes double-unlinking at worst.  The SVGTransformList is being held alive via a watchpoint, so I suspect some watchpoint-related shenanigans.
Summary: Shutdown crash in DOMSVGTransformList::IsAnimValList with deterministicgc() → Shutdown crash in DOMSVGTransformList::IsAnimValList with deterministicgc() and watchpoints
Talking to Bill, I think the problem is just the GC not running during shutdown in this mode.  That would explain the GC weirdness, making this not really a security bug.  I'm going to wait for him to confirm that before opening this up.  I'll just use this bug to fix the double unlink issue.
Group: core-security
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null check in case of double unlink

DOMSVGNumberList.cpp and DOMSVGTransformList.cpp should also get the same treatment. r=jwatt with that.
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Thanks for pointing out the additional classes!  I fixed all 3 in that directory.  The other unlink functions looked okay to me.
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I don't see any crashes like the stack trace here, so it probably isn't worth backporting.
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