Team pages should have a sub-nav for anchor linking the sections on the page



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Try to make it roll with the top of the page like this does:


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6 years ago
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smoothscrolling sub-nav on teams page

I decided to not use a fixed subnav because it led down a rabbit hole of lots of other problems. For example, it covers the text and it also requires a lot of work on each scroll callback. 

The best way to review would be to test it by fetching:
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6 years ago
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smoothscrolling sub-nav on teams page

Review of attachment 645417 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think less is more here. r- thus.

I opened a thread in .elmo for the animation piece, I think that deserves a discussion outside of this bug.

A few more things beyond the animation:

The navigation bar looks odd. Less styling is more, I think. Also, it squashes the two other lines there in an unfortunate way. Maybe move the wikimo link into the bar itself, as "Contacts", perhaps with an external link marker? Re the style of the bar itself, I'd go for less style, to either make it look more like the top-level navigation, or the table markup below.

I'd also get rid of the whole "top" logic. no anchor, no links. Yeah, bootstrap still has it, but I don't see the point. Scrolling up is something our folks can do themselves, or go back.

I also have RFEs, I'd like to have anchors at the section headings. So once you're down at webdashboard, be able to click the anchor to send a link to where you are. Right now, you'd have to go all the way to the top and hope the link gets you where you want to link to.

Another RFE, add #Firefox etc in the shipping snippet, I've felt the need to have those every now and then.
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6 years ago

* Remove the smooth scrolling

* Remove the "top" anchor links

* Re-style the navbar look & feel

* anchor links near each section (including the appversion, e.g Fennec) like on django documentation

* Also, if no "Applications & Signoffs" then not appear in navbar either. E.g.

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6 years ago
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new sub-nav in place

also available
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6 years ago
Axel, can you review please?
Assignee: nobody → peterbe

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6 years ago
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new sub-nav in place

Review of attachment 650910 [details] [diff] [review]:

r=me with two more nits, I'd still like to disable the navigation item if there's not shipping snippet.

And can we rename the anchor from "shipping" to "applications", shipping itself is rather internal detail.

::: apps/homepage/templates/homepage/locale-team.html
@@ +36,5 @@
> +<div class="subnav">
> +  <ul>
> +    <li>
> +      <a href="#shipping">Applications &amp; Sign-offs</a>
> +    </li>

Make the <li> conditional {% if shipping %}, and replace "#shipping" with "#applications" here and ...

::: apps/shipping/templates/shipping/team-snippet.html
@@ +3,5 @@
>     - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
>     - file, You can obtain one at
>  {% endcomment %} -->
> +<div id="shipping">
> +  <h2>Applications &amp; Sign-offs <a href="#shipping" class="permalink">#</a></h2>

... here.
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6 years ago
Commit pushed to develop at
bug770360 - smoothscrolling sub-nav on teams page, r=Pike


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