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Cleanup org.mozilla.f3nn3c.PasswordsProvider in


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So, I just logged into one of my testing tegras which is explicitly installing from inbound tip and I saw (with |info process|)

10033   16037   org.mozilla.f3nn3c.PasswordsProvider

I expect this should be cleaned up with our verify stuff, blassey/joel can you confirm that assumption?

To also give clarity on what is going on here, any idea how its installed onto the device, what is its expected lifetime (should it shutdown when Fennec does) etc. so that I/We can have a clear understanding of the state of a tegra/device when that process is hanging around?
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I am not sure what PasswordsProvider does, but I know the name changed to work around talos killing it.  I assume we want it killed during verify/cleanup.
Callek: maybe punt this to Pete? Or is this already done?
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> Callek: maybe punt this to Pete? Or is this already done?

This certainly isn't done, but I am not *sure* if its needed actually. this is a process which runs as part of the fennec install, I couldn't find a definite "we should do this" nor a "how to do this" since we won't be removing any packages by this name directly.

Lets assign to pete for now (pending his objection) as well as needinfo to jmaher for input.
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we should clean this up, although when we uninstall/install it gets cleaned up.
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Joel, is this both pandas and tegras, or just tegras? Given that we're decommissioning tegras, maybe we don't need to worry about this now?

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Pete- if you are on PTO enjoy your time off instead of hanging out in bugzilla!  Either way, this f3nn3c hack needs to apply to both tegra and pandas.  Your speculation about tegras being decommissioned and only fixing this for Pandas seems valid and a great plan of attack.
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Still an issue?
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don't *think* so
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