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Icons v1.0

icons included:

The history_icon.tiff file is included as part of bug 770808. The bonjour icon is the system provided one, bug 769122.

For the addressbook icon, I used a real glyph for the @ mark (the small sized icons uses a pixelated representation). I hope this is ok.

For the bookmarktoolbar icon, I'm not sure what to do about that 'text string'. In the larger size icon it looks a bit too fat like it is, however I've no idea what that 'text string' represents. I'm open to suggestions here.

For the top10 icon, I smoothed a little the '0'; I kinda like the slightly pixelated look it gives for that icon.

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6 years ago
Created attachment 639209 [details]
Screenshot in HiDPI mode, v1.0

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6 years ago
Created attachment 640515 [details]
icons, v1.1

With further polish here and there.

The questions and notes in question 0 still stand.
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Attachment #639209 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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screenshot, v1.1


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6 years ago
Smokey, ping?
Oh, crap, these icons have questions for me, too :-(  I'll move this batch to the top of the list, then, so I get to the questions.  (It takes a long time for me to review a batch of icons, and I just haven't had those sized blocks of time for quite a while :-( )
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icons, v1.1

* On addressbook, I think the real glyph in the 2x is fine.  Is it possible to move it up by 1px?  Because of the thinness of the stroke, it looks a little off-center (too low) vertically, but I don't know if there's a pixel to play with or not :-( 

Or is it possible to "bold" it? Because when I look at your screenshot at 50%, I can barely see the @ glyph; it seems too thin/light.

I also noticed a slight color shift in the binding, but let's not worry about that.

* bm_action looks a little crisper in the new 1x version than the old 1x version, which I think is a positive improvement :-)

Note: PreferencePanes/Privacy/images/action_button.tiff is 100% identical to this, so we should fix it at the same time.  Can you add a copy named action_button (in a PreferencePanes/Privacy/images subfolder tree) to the final archive so that I don't forget.  (Ideally I'd fix the build system to pull that image into Privacy at build time rather than keeping two copies in the tree, but….)

* bm_add: Looks good.

* bm_folder: I see that the two leaves of the folder are actually connected now at the crease, instead of being torn apart :P  This "heavier"
icon is actually the last relic of the old bookmark-action icon set and I wouldn't mind seeing it redone at some point in the future to better match the others (we should also rename it to bm_addCollection or something), but for now this is good.

* bm_horizontal_separator: I wish this had appeared in the screenshot, but I can make my own.  When I view my 2x screenshot at 50%, it looks "fat", whereas the 1x version looks like a sleek, thin line :-(  I don't know if that's an artifact of scaling (I used GraphicConverter and Acorn, since they support an actual 50% zoom; it looks slightly better in Acorn, but still fat), since in QuartzDebug 2.0 simulation I didn't think it looked so bad. Can we make 1 row of pixels lighter, maybe?

* bm_sort: This also looks fine.  I noticed the original smfr version of this one was the only one of the 4 that didn't have a darker pixel in the top right; I assume that means it is the one that was in error, but I guess we'll never know ;-)

* On bookmarktoolbar, I believe the text string was originally supposed to be "MZ" (for mozillaZine?)  I'm not wild about perpetuating that 10 years later, but I also can't think of anything else we'd want to switch it to that would match the general form of those two letters.  That said, in the screenshot at 50%, I think it looks OK (doesn't seem too fat to my eye), so if you don't want to switch to real glyphs or whatever, the current 2x version is fine.

* bookmarktoolbar looks like a straight doubling, but I'm not sure of any details we could sanely add in the 2x version ;-)

* top10 looks like the new versions are a little bit darker green overall than the old one, but it's not such an important/ever-present icon like globe_ico, so I'm less inclined to be concerned about it.  I really only noticed in "real life" when I moved two Caminos so that the icons were immediately adjacent.

Once again, I think these are pretty good in the main, with a couple of small issues on a few.  In summary, must-fix:

* addressbook: We need to make the @ glyph more strongly defined.
* bm_action: Include copy in final archive for Privacy's action_button
* bm_horizontal_separator: Needs to look less fat, or Derek needs to convince me it doesn't look fat in real 2x mode ;-)

I'm going to minus to clear the review nag, but basically these are great!  Thanks again, and sorry it's taken me so long :-(
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Created attachment 666438 [details]
screenshot, v1.1 (Smokey)

FWIW, this is what I see in my QuartzDebug 2.0 scale simulation.

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6 years ago
> * addressbook: We need to make the @ glyph more strongly defined.
Fwiw, Apple's address book appicon is equally 'light', at least on 10.7 & 10.8.
But I'll look at bolding it slightly. And see about the (vertical) positioning.

see http://dev.l-c-n.com/camino/_d/ab@2x.png

> * bm_action: Include copy in final archive for Privacy's action_button
OK, I hadn't checked the size of that one so far.

> * bm_horizontal_separator
Hmm, 1 row of lighter pixels at the top, I think. Might work. But as far as I can tell from HiDPI simulation here, almost all horizontal lines in the UI are 2px thick.

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6 years ago
Created attachment 666817 [details]
icons, v1.2

Updated per review comments
* The archive includes action_button.tiff in a separate folder for the Privacy pane
* addressbook: slight tweak to the binding colors, bolder glyph (by reducing the opacity of the inset shadow). This also makes the glyph appear more vertically centered.
* bm_horizontal_separator: now with the top pixel-line 50% lighter (semi-transparent).
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6 years ago
Created attachment 666818 [details]
screenshot v1.2

(with horizontal separator)
Comment on attachment 666817 [details]
icons, v1.2

Yes, those two look much better with those tweaks; thanks!  r/icon-sr=ardissone on v1.2.

I'd just started on one of the bigger sets tonight, but then I was summoned to late-night water diversion duty :-(  I'll get these landed tomorrow (and, hopefully, get another set reviewed).
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