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[Beta] About:Home Prompt - Old Firefox Beta users


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Hi Chris, 

This request is to implement the about:home prompt (design bug 754773) to old Firefox Beta users (v. <13). The goal is to get users still in old Firefox Beta versions to the latest beta. We still have about 1.7million users in old betas. 

It should be very similar to the 3.6 prompt we did a few months ago (bug 734197).

Alex/Lukas, can you please provide the link to the build we are using for this prompt. We initially talked about using a build that enables updates in the user profile/preference? 

Attached image Firefox Beta Prompt
It would be great if we can align the timing of this project to when we have complete silent update available in Beta.

Alex/Lukas, can you please confirm if we will have silent update in Beta 15 or 16 and provide recommendation as to when is the best time to push this prompt live. 

Depends on: 771734
Depends on: 767232
Hmmm, I wrote up a reply to this message and it is not here. I will summarize it again.

1) About:home is completely different than the 3.6 Firefox Start page. The 3.6 Firefox start page is a real web page hosted on servers. The About:home start page is built into the Firefox core code and you can't add items to it like a real website.

2) We could accomplish what you are looking for with an "take over" snippet for about:home that would be able to put a banner like that on top of the page. The snippet could be delivered to people running the beta channel that are NOT on the latest version. The prompt would only be displayed when the snippet is displayed.

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From a dev perspective everything here seems possible to do with a snippet, with one caveat: Does that download button actually trigger a download, or does it link to the Beta download page? 

From what I understand, the logic for generating a download button is a bit complex, so having it as a link to the Beta page would be easier to accomplish.
+1 I think the link should point to the beta page where the logic exists for the download button. Re-creating that logic in the snippet could be complex and we should keep that logic in a minimal amount of locations.
(quick reminder to add a webtrends marketing tag to whatever button we implement so we can track how this performs) 

We never ended up running this campaign, we can re-open later if the idea is still useful.
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