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[az] [Fx] New localization: Azerbaijani


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Ismet Sadiqov has been working on the Azerbaijani translation of Firefox for a few months now, and I've been mentoring him.

Arky says the current translations look good, and it may be time to create the locale's repository.

I've already created a wiki page:

Please let me know what we need to do now.

We still have some issues with exports from narro, please check and (mostly right)
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Be advised, there exists bug 544383, which was deemed incomplete because no progress had been made.

Per CLDR, the 'az' language code (which would normally represent the macrolanguage 'Azerbaijani') is mapped to 'azj' (which represents 'North Azerbaijani'). Please confirm that you are indeed localizing into North Azerbaijani.

Given that North Azerbaijani can be written in either Latin script or Cyrillic script, I recommend specifying which script you plan to use. (The aforementioned bug uses Latin script.)
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Summary: Create Azerbaijani (az) locale for Firefox → [az] [Fx] New localization: Azerbaijani
Whiteboard: [azj]
On second thought, the script specification might not be necessary, given that Wikipedia says this:

"Since 1992 it has been officially written with a Roman script in Azerbaijan, but the older Cyrillic script was still widely used in the late 1990s."

However, please do confirm that you are localizing into North Azerbaijani (not South Azerbaijani).
Summary: [az] [Fx] New localization: Azerbaijani → [az] [Fx] New localization: North Azerbaijani
Summary: [az] [Fx] New localization: North Azerbaijani → [az] [Fx] New localization: Azerbaijani
Indeed, it's North Azerbaijani we're talking about, and it's written in Latin script.
FYI, you can read along the export discussion in bug 768722.
FYI, I've imported az into Pootle on request.
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This attachment is the l10n/ files for Azerbaijani (az).

The translations pass compare-locales but I did need to mark some xml tag errors and some variables as needing review.  user1 has 539 words needing review.
A language pack has been published here
Pinged the team to review the errors and user1 folder.
Not sure why, but installs as Turkish (tr) Language Pack on my Aurora 20 so I can't test it. is one culprit, but that should just be the name. You should be able to test just fine, by setting general.useragent.locale to 'az'.
(In reply to Axel Hecht [:Pike] from comment #11)
> translate/#filter=all is one culprit, but that should just be the name. You
> should be able to test just fine, by setting general.useragent.locale to
> 'az'.

Thanks Fixed that. 

Can we take the next steps towards making Aurora builds for this.

I've tested it by setting general.useragent.locale to "az", and it looks good overall. I see a few untranslated strings (in Turkish) but no dealbreaker. I believe it's time to take this into Aurora.
Attached file l10n files for az v2
These have been migrated to Aurora 21 and contain all the required fixes.
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l10n files for az v2

Review comments:

We should remove metro, not exactly sure if this was just bad timing of the export, I hope we didn't actually spend cycles on that yet.

I found some changes in, which we should undo. Search is OK to start.

In, we should set the locale code to 'az' instead of 'az-AZ', as we're just using the non-region one. The plural form is set to 0, same as Turkish, seems correct from a CLDR point of view.

Thanks for the help here, and we'll file a host of follow-up bugs in a few.
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Congrats, everyone.

I've now filed the follow-up bugs that hang off of the shipping bug fx-l10n-az, which we'll use to track down many of the administrational tasks.

There's also going to be a actual localization work, both ongoing for Firefox itself, and the web pages on which we offer downloads.
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