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Try "include-what-you-use" on editor/


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See bug 634839.  In theory, it might cut down on compile times.  In practice, it seems buggy and it didn't create a big improvement for me.  It got down compilation of editor/ on a hot cache with ccache cleared from maybe 26s to 25s.  On the other hand, it's possible that it will reduce incremental compile times by removing unnecessary dependencies.  And it alphabetizes #includes, which is a nice bonus!  And adds comments saying what the files are used for.

For a lot of files it only adds includes, for things that are otherwise only indirectly included.  But for instance, in nsEditor.h it converts a lot of includes to forward declarations -- it figured out that things like nsIContent.h didn't have to be included.  It got nsHTMLCSSUtils.h down to four includes -- nsCOMPtr, nsTArray, prtypes, and nscore.

Sometimes I don't know what it thinks it's doing -- like including nsAString.h, nsString.h, and nsStringFwd.h in the same file.  But that doesn't hurt anything, I guess.

I had to patiently teach it not to include stuff like string-template-def-char.h, but I think I mostly succeeded.

The command I'm using is this, having gotten SVN checkouts as described in bug 634839:

find editor -type f -exec touch {} + && make -k -j16 -C objdir-ff-release/editor/libeditor/base CXX=/tmp/llvm/Release+Asserts/bin/include-what-you-use 2>&1 | tee /tmp/iwyu.out | python /tmp/llvm/tools/clang/tools/include-what-you-use/ --nosafe_headers --comments

I go directory-by-directory because it tends to die.  I have to do manual fixups after that, mostly due to <>.

So in conclusion, this was interesting and doesn't hurt anything, but in retrospect, probably was not worth the time.  :/
I should add -- I add a bunch of iwyu pragma comments in various files outside of editor/.  Let me know if you think I should ask the owners of those modules for that.  Also, I did look over the include changes for attempts to include private headers instead of public ones, but I might have missed some.
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The build failed on Windows.  Can you please fix that before I review this?  The patch is sort of painful to review... ;-)
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Oh, and thanks a lot for taking this on!  I've been meaning to play with IWYU for such a long time, and you finally beat me to it.  :-)
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New try, compiled successfully on all platforms:
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Patch v2

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Great!  I'll land this right now, since this very easily gets bitrotten!
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