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Firefox accepts multiple spell-check back-ends in GNU/Linux, leading to duplicates and the default being different than the computer's set language


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Steps to reproduce:

Installed GNU/Linux, specifically Ubuntu, and used their language-selector" which installed backends for spellchecking including hunspell and myspell.

Actual results:

Firefox, accepting spellcheck backends from aspell, myspell, and hunspell gave me numerous spell-check options, the default almost-always being the wrong one.

Expected results:

Firefox should stick with one spell-check backend (I recommend aspell) and perhaps recommend it for packagers as a dependency. This is the launchpad bug:
I forgot to mention that I also installed firefox-locale-en which adds the seemingly-incorrect en_US (en-US is correct).
Component: Untriaged → Spelling checker
Product: Firefox → Core
Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0

Every week or so, I have to right-click in a text box and switch the spell checker from British English to American English.  My system (kubuntu) locale settings are set to American English.  I can not fathom how, where, or why Firefox keeps switching me to British English.
I think this happens when you do not have any dictionary installed as a Firefox plugin. When I was only relying on the system wide spell checker (hunspell in my case) the default language selection of the spell checker always was always wrong (notice that now you do not have dictionary tab in the add-on settings page). Since I write in Dutch, French, Danish and English, this was a real pain. When I installed one dictionary as a Firefox plugin, the default language selection worked as expected.

For the record, this is also mentioned on StackExchange (,,, and the Arch Linux Wiki (
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