IMAP msgs besides RSS msgs after filtering: Subject in message list sometimes different from real subject of message (correctable by "Repair folder")



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List view and message preview with non matching subject

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Steps to reproduce:

I use TB for a single IMAP mail account (on an outlook server) and several RSS feeds. I installed a filter to copy RSS items to the inbox root folder whose subject contains at least one of a number of keywords.

Actual results:

In the inbox list view all filtered RSS messages expectedly appear besides my IMAP mails. But sometimes a subjects is displayed wrong. 

In the current case a series of three items are listed in my inbox that were copied from RSS by my filter. The subject of the first item displayed in the list is wrong: the third's suject is diplayed instead of it's own. When I select any of the three items in the list view they are displayed correct in the preview window but the list view stays wrong.

I do not remember surely but I believe that the error does not appear when only a single RSS item is copied during a filter call. I do remember exactly whether headers of RSS and mails are interchanged between themselves. I believe the error only appears when RSS items exist: mail only lists without aggregeted RSS items seem not to be concerned.

The error is not new in TB12, I remember to have seen it before for at least about two years (also in my former Oses WinXP64 and 32)

When I restart TB (restart included an update to TB 14) the error persists. Compacting folders does not help, too. Copying the series of RSS items (from the screenshot) to an IMAP subfolder the wrong subjects are displayed there, too.

Expected results:

The list view should always show the correct subject, not a subject of another item
Did u try Folder > Properties > Repair folder?

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7 years ago
As mentioned I copied the faulty message (in company with the adjacent messages shown on the sreenshot) into a newly created IMAP subfolder where they were displayed faulty, too. The original messages are deleted meanwhile. But the copies still live faulty in the subfolder until today. During the last three days TB and OS were started at least three times but the message persisted in the faulty state. 

But after I repaired the folder today in the way you suggested the faulty subject was corrected.
Summary: subject in message list displayed interchanged → IMAP msgs besides RSS msgs after filtering: Subject in message list sometimes different from real subject of message (correctable by "Repair folder")

Comment 3

7 years ago
this is likely fixed in bug 596234 (Tb 18).  reopen if not.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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