Can't spawn conversation in new chat tab from message header or address book if other conversations in progress

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 17.0


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Thunderbird 17.0

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1)  Open an IM conversation with one or more contacts
2)  Close the chat tab
3)  In a message header that is showing presence for one of your chat contacts (that was not part of the conversations in part 1), click on the indicator to open up a conversation with that user.

What happens?

The chat tab is opened and focused, but no conversation for the selected user appears. What's more, manually opening a conversation with the contact from part 3 is now impossible, and throws the following error:

JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/chat/chat-messenger-overlay.js, line 457: conv is undefined.

What's expected?

The conversations should open properly with the selected contact.

I believe this is related to the code in openTab for the chat tab, which only appears to call _addConversation for the UI Conversations iff the element after conversationsGroup is searchResultConv.
OS: Windows 7 → All
Assignee: nobody → mconley

Why do we only call _addConversation in the chat tab openTab function when conversationsGroup is next to searchResultConv?

(In reply to Mike Conley (:mconley) from comment #1)
> Florian:
> Why do we only call _addConversation in the chat tab openTab function when
> conversationsGroup is next to searchResultConv?
> messenger-overlay.js#107
> -Mike

That code (lines 108-116) builds the displayed list of conversations the first time the chat tab is opened. "conversationsGroup is next to searchResultConv" is a way to test that the list of displayed conversations is currently empty.

After that, new conversations are added when the new-ui-conversation notification is received. The bug here is because when receiving new-ui-conversation we test gChatTab as a way to know if the chat tab is opened, but we should instead test if it has ever been opened, or something like that.
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Patch v1

Something like this?
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Patch v1

This patch is ok with me if it fixes the issue (I'm assuming again that you have verified it does ;)).
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