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[Azure] Azure/cairo canvas renders Asteroids canvas demo incorrectly on Android


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For the following, you need a recent nightly with Azure canvas pref'ed on and = "cairo".

On Windows, renders as a blank (white) rectangle.

On Android (tested Nexus 7 (4.1) and HTC One X (4.0)), renders very badly (see screenshot, coming soon).

I've filed these as one bug for now, I suspect there might be a single cause, but we might want to split the bug later.
note on the attachment, I think the double awesome bar is a separate bug, due to my build (it doesn't seem to be present on the nightly build I downloaded).
The Windows bug only happens with Direct2D on, so it must be different from the Android bug, so going to split this off into a separate bug...
Split off bug 779650 for the Windows/smashcat bug
OS: All → Android
Hardware: All → ARM
Summary: [Azure] Azure/cairo canvas render errors with some canvas demos → [Azure] Azure/cairo canvas renders Asteroids canvas demo incorrectly on Android
Attached file minimal test case
Seems to be a problem with the 9arg flavour of drawImage. I have no idea why it would only affect Android, and not affect the Thebes canvas
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test coming soon...
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test not coming soon after all. This bug is caught by the drawImage.9arg tests in test_canvas when run locally, I don't know why it doesn't fail on Try, but I can't imagine a test which would fail there is the test_canvas ones don't.
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was missing an include, carrying r=bas
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