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Update the volume control scrubber


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Bug 681548 updated the icons for <video> controls, but it left out a new icon for the volume scrubber.

I played with a graphics editor (not MS Paint :) and came up with something that I think matches our current set of icons and can work as the volume scrubber.
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Screenshot of new icon in action

Looks good :) Could you please make it a little more opaque so that it stands out a little more from the volume slider background?
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I updated the icon to be opaque in the middle but I kept the translucent borders and lower shadow.

Here is a screenshot of the patch applied:
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Dolske and Blair commented that the patch attached in comment #3 didn't have enough contrast with the volume bar. This patch lightens the color of the volume bar and also tweaks the mid-shadow of the scrubber icon to compensate for the now lighter track.

This is a screenshot of this patch:
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