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Allow breakpad to report to Soccoro to send ANR reports as a hang


(Toolkit :: Crash Reporting, defect)

Not set




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Logcat will report ANR... is there any way that we might be able to get breakpad to get the ANR report and report a hang in the app to Socorro?
I assume you mean "application not responding"? There are two possible ways this could work:
1) We re-enable the chromehang feature, which forced a crash + a crash report on hangs.
2) If there's platform support for handling this, we use that. (But it seems unlikely, since why would the platform give your app a chance to run when it's already hung?)
I though Telemetry was able to report hangs for users who have opted in.
If Breakpad does not catch ANRs, do they show up in the Play Store's Application Error Reports?

ANRs happen when the application spends "too much" time processing an event. For Nightly and Aurora builds, we enable Android's StrictMode to log warnings about slow event processing. If ANRs are becoming a serious problem for us, we can change the StrictMode logging to crashes, so Breakpad will catch them. But that would be pretty annoying.
OS: Mac OS X → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM
ANRs show up in google play. It's an OS level thing. We do not want to switch to strictmode...maybe on nightly only.
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