IndexedDB data is not listed under Preferences->Advanced->Network->Offline Web Content




6 years ago
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6 years ago
If I want to see if a site has stored data using IndexedDB, I would expect it to be here, but it isn't.

There actually appears to be no way to clear IndexedDB from preferences.  I resorted to deleting the profile.
Currently it lives in the Page Info dialog.

Comment 2

6 years ago
And now I know :)

According to bent, the offline data storage on page info is completely unrelated to the offline data storage in preferences, so change site prefs in one presumably does not impact the other.

Perhaps y'all need a meta bug for a simple way to control whether a site can store data or not, and beyond the end of session, something to tame supercookie, 'cause right now a user would have to be smart enough clear flash cookies at end of session, and set the 3 different places in the config where you guys control site data storage (cookies, prefs offline data, page info offline data) to "end of session"

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6 years ago
Oh, and if you had such a thing, perhaps it could impact the image cache too, maybe.  Or is that being too paranoid?
(the old, set-the-image-timestamp-to-a-unique-value user tracking trick)
This is quite confusing. I'm guessing the preferences are really showing AppCache storage? Then again you can't read the values anyway (Bug 919526) so who cares if it's showing something sensible, right? :(
See Also: → bug 832660
See Also: → bug 1047098
See Also: → bug 1108265
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3 months ago
Is this still true? I'm pretty sure IDB is included under about:preferences#privacy -> Site Data. Jan, can you confirm?
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Yeah, pretty sure it's included.
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