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[meta] Improve Storage


(Core :: Storage: localStorage & sessionStorage, enhancement, P2)





(Reporter: annevk, Unassigned)


(Depends on 10 open bugs)


(Keywords: feature, meta)

There are various improvements around storage we should make in Gecko to make the web platform a more happy medium, here are some of the areas we can improve:

* Consolidate storage features. At the moment e.g. localStorage and IDB live in their own world. Rather, cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage, IDB, Cache API, service workers, history API, notifications API (once we add storage), filesystem API, and application cache all need to sit together and honor the same rules.

* Improve storage UI. E.g. when the user runs out of disk space they should have a way to free up more by removing some persistently stored sites easily.
Depends on: 1147821
Depends on: 742822
Depends on: 1161553
Whiteboard: [tw-dom]
Note from

"If this is too much at once, we can partition it as such:

    v1: Persistent permission and usage/quota estimates.
    v2: Boxes.
Depends on: 1254428
Whiteboard: [tw-dom]
Depends on: 1281416
Depends on: 1296591
Depends on: 1296592
No longer depends on: 1281416
Depends on: 1305665
Depends on: 1309118
Depends on: 1372592
Depends on: 1372612
Depends on: 1373184
Depends on: 1375004
Depends on: 1377104
Depends on: 1377852
Depends on: 1384492
Depends on: 1384539
Depends on: 1385936
Depends on: 1392593
Depends on: 1401475
Depends on: 1102808
Depends on: 781984
Depends on: 832660
Depends on: 1407936
Depends on: 1408406
No longer depends on: 1384539
Depends on: storage-v2
Depends on: 1445464
:overholt I suggest we close this bug, create more focused METAs and keep high level documentation to the wiki. Any objection?
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That seems fine to me, please do link the new METAs and wiki page from here.
(In reply to Marion Daly [:mdaly] from comment #3)
> :overholt I suggest we close this bug, create more focused METAs and keep
> high level documentation to the wiki. Any objection?

Sounds good.
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Depends on: 1383656
Priority: -- → P2
Component: DOM → DOM: Web Storage
Type: defect → enhancement

:janv, I think most of the bugs linked here could be better linked to other (more recent) meta-bugs like bug 1445464, bug 1513881 or even bug 1593365. Such that we can close this very generic "Improve" meta-bug.

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I'm not sure if we can close this one, I think it's quite useful. I'll let Anne decide.

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So I'll nag him ;-). Anne, in an ideal bugzilla world, improvements on storage should be this query. What additional information/value does this meta-bug provide us? I see no discussions here, just adding of bugs.

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I think the main thing that does not track is the interdependent things, such as bug 1421690, some improvement suggestions such as bug 1305665 and bug 1296592, and potential security problems such as bug 1383656. And for better or worse, meta bugs are a nice place to collect such bugs and make them easy to find later. (I personally rarely use queries as they get rather unwieldy which makes them trickier to share and get autocompleted in the address bar.)

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See Also: → IndexedDB-SM
Severity: normal → S3
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