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[CSS: text-indent] Implement 'each-line' and 'hanging'


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Steps to reproduce:

Authors commonly want to add a text-indent on each paragraph of their writing.
(This is natural to anyone who composes documents in a page-based text editor)
To achieve this stylistic result, authors currently have to insert HTML code to delineate their paragraphs.

An author will, for example, write:

<article id=container>
<p>First paragraph ...</p>
<p>Second paragraph ...</p>
<p>Third paragraph ...</p>

p {text-indent: 2em;}

This unnecessarily pollutes the DOM with excess elements. Authors rarely plan to style each paragraph individually (beyond the current limitation of text-indent).

But, with text-indent: each-line implemented, an author could write the much simpler:

<article id=container>
First paragraph <br>
Second paragraph <br>
Third paragraph <br>

article {text-indent: 2em each-line}

Of course, if there is a practical reason to denote each paragraphs' start /end (JavaScript manipulation, linking through ids etc), the old way of adding markup would still be valid. But this is usually the exception, not the rule.

Interested readers can view the specification here:

Thank you for your time.
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There's also `text-indent: (value) hanging` and the combination of both. This bug should probably cover both as they are supplementary.
Blocks: css3test
According to comment 3 the title of this issue should probably be changed to include 'hanging'.

> According to comment 3
Of course I meant comment 1.

Summary: [CSS: text-indent] Implement each-line → [CSS: text-indent] Implement 'each-line' and 'hanging'
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