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Branding for L20n


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The localization team has been working hard at work for the past few months developing a new localization technology/platform to replace the current, limited approaches, like gettext, xliff, properties files etc.  The ultimate goal is to work with the ECMA's TC39 group towards the standardization of this new technology as part of the ECMAScript.

The project has been codenamed "L20n", a geeky-humorous word play on "L10n" (Localization) and "2.0".  The motto of the project is "Make simple things simple, and complex things possible."

The project aims to be language-agnostic (no specific grammar features are better supported than others) and transparent to developers, giving all of the expressive power of the language to the localizers.  

You can find more information about the project on the wiki:  We recently moved all the code to github:

The codename has served us well so far, but we would love to get the engagement team's input on the branding.  We'd also like to create a website for L20n, similar to what B2G has for instance (
John -- can we talk about this this week or next week?
Hey Stas. Yes, we can definitely talk about this further. Just let me know when you'd like to do that.

Also, re: the bugs it sounds like this is actually multiple projects so we'd need multiple bugs for that (ex. one for the website, one for the branding, etc). This could be used a tracking bug, with all the others set as blockers.
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