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Catch exceptions thrown in endurance tests so incomplete reports can be sent


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Currently an exception in an endurance test causes the report to be lost. By surrounding this in a try/catch we should be able to submit the incomplete report for investigation into the failure.
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Catch endurance test failures. v1.0

>+      } catch(e) {

nit: Add a blank after 'catch'.

>+        this._perfTracer.addCheckpoint("Test failure! " + e);

Don't add the whole object, but only e.message which will be enough.
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Catch endurance test failures. v1.1

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::: lib/endurance.js
@@ +83,5 @@
> +      try {
> +        callback();
> +      } catch (e) {
> +        this._perfTracer.addCheckpoint("Test failure! " + e.message);
> +        throw e;

I have had an oversight yesterday. Sorry for not spotting it earlier. This will still not work due to the fact that we re-throw the exception at this point. We will add a checkpoint for sure but at the end we do not fire the enduranceResults event.

So I think a better approach here is to not add the test failure checkpoint but use a broader try/catch block so we can ensure to send the final data until the failure happened. Reason why we do not have to add the failure checkpoint is that this one is already present in the test failure report. So it's duplicated information.
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This time I'm using finally within the iteration to push the gathered checkpoints to the log, and then clear it. Outside the iteration I'm using finally to update the trigger the endurance results listener.

This change is dependant on a fix for the Mozmill Dashboard. A pull request for this can be found here:

I also added iterations and currentIterations properties, which were useful in testing this fix.
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Catch endurance test failures. v2.0

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Looks way better now.
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Dave, can you please land the patch on the other branches?
It has not been landed on release and esr10 yet. Dave, please check your faulty commit and redo. Thanks.
Looks fine to me. Please check again.
Well, you finally pushed them now. Looks like that last step hasn't been done when you first did it. Thanks.
Hmm.. I'm not sure what happened then.
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