Releases versions split but , or by +?



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6 years ago
The documentation suggests that you can use `+` symbols to expand multiple versions per product name.

However, the code seems to rely on `,` to split.

Which one is correct?
How is this used by the UI?


6 years ago
Assignee: nobody → adrian
+ is normally used as an encoding for space in some cases (see e.g. so I think we should not use it for anything else.
So, currently the product:version 'arrays' passed to the middleware uses + i.e.
versions/Firefox:14.0.1+Firefox:17.0 but, as discussed on Github, this might change to use the ; instead.

Adrian will be able to confirm however.
Now this is a real inconsistency in my work. I think I used a comma here because the php_curl library uses that when encoding arrays. Anyway, the code is correct and the documentation is wrong here. But I don't know which one we should fix... :)

Right now we use '+' as the splitting character in all new-style services, which means most of the middleware, with a few exception as this one. It seems more and more that + should not be used because some of our inputs like signatures can contain it. We discussed that with Peter recently and I think using another character, maybe ';', would be better. It requires a lot of changes though. Maybe after we switched to the Django UI?

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6 years ago
For now, change the documentation specifically for that service. My new middleware is now also using `,`. 

Like rhelmer said, + is meant for other things and we should stop using it. One bug at a time. 

Mind you, the URLs in the middleware has *nothing* to do with the URLs in the UI. ...on a technical level. However, I think it still stands that we should hunt down `+` and replace them slowly with `,`.
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2 years ago
Moot point now that all fetching of products & versions is via the new ProductVersions model.
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