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Automatically linkify "bug XXXXXX" when present in tree status reason/motd


(Tree Management Graveyard :: TBPL, defect)

Not set


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Per catlee would prefer this is handled on the TBPL side rather than the TreeStatus side.

Again, I'm using the simple heuristic that a bug number followed by a </a> is already linked, and won't change it in this case.

I'm using {6,7} for the digit count: at this stage I assume any future tree closures are not going to be due to 5-digit bugs.
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We already have a function for that:
Use that and we are good to go :-)
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Ah never spotted that - thanks!
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Good. Although it has no </a> handling, well then we just need to have the convention to not have linked bugs in the tree status.
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Actually, that escapeContent() call in _linkBugs will prevent us adding other links in to the reason field - e.g. the wiki.m.o link in the current inbound message - the HTML will be rendered as plaintext.
Hm, I missed that then. So we could add another option to prevent that.
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Added an additional parameter to _linkBugs to signal whether to escape the string. This let me reinstate the </a> check - it was redundant when the text was escaped.
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Thank you for this Graeme! :-)
Depends on: 790559
Depends on: 805550
Product: Webtools → Tree Management
Product: Tree Management → Tree Management Graveyard
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