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Reset Thunderbird (like Firefox)


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It should be possible to have some way to fix common problems (like user.js file corruption, broken folders,...) without being forced to switch to a fresh profile and then import data manually.
I would suggest that reset Thunderbird should at least:
- repair all folders
- rebuild user.js
- compact folders
- reindex gloda
- (other ideas?)
- eventually uninstall all add-ons
- ...?

Idea due to this (and many other support request):
?? purging training.dat that could contain old stuff from many years

?? sqlite files

?? purging old account/identities when the account was deleted in thunderbird
but traces remains in prefs.js "" and mail/xxx mbox
Rebuilding the folder tree would be helpful for migration tools that create Mozilla enhanced MBOX format mail files and for other tools that modify 'folders'.

This functionality should also delete session.json.

Remove all add-ons would also be useful.

Today, all of the above are manual procedures which normal users cannot be expected to carry out.
Duplicate of this bug: 512998
Duplicate of this bug: 1474457
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