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Check dom.mozBrowserFramesEnabled before BrowserElementPromptService initialized


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To prevent from installing wrapped BrowserElementPromptService in application that don't use mozbrowser.

Pushed to try
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Mark, can you verify that this fixes the problem for you?  If the commit mentioned in bug 789572 is actually the problem, I'd be surprised if this fixed anything.
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Please add code to ensure that we don't run _init() twice.

r=me with that change, but I'd like someone to verify that this actually fixes the problem.
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Maybe this is a nit, but I'd move the |this._initialized = true| line earlier in _init() because if we throw  an exception in the middle of _init(), I think we should just give up, rather than try to re-initialize when the pref changes again.

r+ means you don't need to re-request review on the next patch, but I would prefer to hear from mfinkle if this solves their problem before checking it in.
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I tested the Try build and it seems to work fine. I get the prompt when trying to install a webapp and when trying to install an add-on
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Since it's a trivial change and we want to get it in the next nightly, I've pushed Patrick's patch with my last nit addressed:
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